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Silicone Bakeware

Does anyone use silicone bakeware in their microwave? I was thinking of getting some, but before I invest any money, I need to know if it works well. I would love to be able to do some baking, but our oven isn't working and it's too hot to use it anyway, so when I saw the silicone stuff, I got kind of excited! Any reviews?

I have some silicone bakeware; this set from JcPenney's that we got for a wedding gift (in red, like that matters..):,.8,0,0&resmode=sharp&hei=250&wid=250

I've only used it a couple of times, but never in the microwave (it doesn't say anything about a microwave in the little description there). I've used the loaf pan and the muffin pan..and the spatula of course. I've liked them when I've used them. I think I kind of just forget about them..and use the same pans I always use.
I would, however, recommend taking anything out of them..before you use any sharp utensils. I made banana bread in the loaf pan..and tried to cut the pan...and I made a few slits in the pan. It's still fine though. They are easy to get stuff out of though (like the peanut butter cups). I would recommend them....but I dunno about the microwave..

eta: Here's the link to that set:
It is on sale for $19.99.


My mom bought me a set for Christmas last year, and I love it!! I've never used it in the microwave, but it says here that with this particular brand, you can.


Thanks everyone! I'll check out the links. :)

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