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Silicone baking product users (and question for baypuppy)

How come silicone products say they are non-stick when they tell you "for best results, lightly spray the (fill in the type of baking product you are using) before filling? I got some silicone baking cups from Wilton (well, really Wilton cups from Amazon) on baypuppy's recommendation and the instructions say that. Baypuppy, do you oil your baking cups? Does anyone else who uses silicone baking cups oil theirs? I got mine so I wouldn't have to do that... :(

I have two silicone cake 'tins' and I love them. Cakes do stick to the bottom a little bit, but not nearly as bad as regular tins. I personally love how easy it is to get your baked goods out of them. I do cut out a circle of baking paper and put that on the bottom of the tin to help things. This is mainly because I don't like to lose any cake, even that little sliver that might get stuck to the bottom. If I had a silicone muffin tin or cupcake cups I would oil the bottom, just a wee bit. Oh, they are so easy to clean.


I got one of the silicone muffin tins-- all excited thinking I could use it without oil or spray.... Uh huh, yeah, so- the muffins stuck HORRIBLY.  Not pretty.  :(   I do still like it though!  Just have to oil it now.   ::)


Yup, when it comes to cooking utensils in general, you do tend to get what you pay for--or what you don't. And I never buy anything from an infomercial!!  :D They actually opened a shop in a mall here that sold exclusively the same-stuff-from-infomercials--and they closed down after about 2 mos.

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