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Can anybody recommend a toaster that they have had for more than 2 years and are still pleased with?  Right now I have this:

I bought it a little over 2 years ago after my older toaster started burning toast even on the lowest setting and toasted unevenly.  I read the reviews and decided this would be a good toaster--and it was for the first two years.  Now it is burning the toast on level 1.  I'm starting to wonder if there is such a thing as a toaster that maintains quality after 2-3 years.  I'm willing to pay more for quality that will last. . .thanks for any suggestions (I'm just looking for a plain toaster, not a toaster oven).


UGH...we have the worst luck with toasters. We always go for the toaster oven. They usually burn toast and cook it unevenly. We bought a digital one and the beep was so annoying that we took it back for a simple wind up one-now it makes this buzzing noise but I can't find the receipt.

My mom has the same dad tries to buy her these fancy toasters (one was like a toast-rotisserie!) and they caught her toast on fire. He wouldn't let her get a new one because he doesn't like to be wrong. ie; "there is nothing wrong with this toaster", (fire alarm sounds).

wish i could help instead of venting about my own toaster problems!  :)

my advice is to stick with the type you have and NOT go for a toaster oven!


My parents had a toaster.  My college roommate had a toaster oven.  I was an instant convert.  Toaster ovens take more counter space but they are definitely the way to go for toasting satisfaction.


Hmm, the toaster my dad has has been working as long as I've been alive (I assume this because I've seen in his kitchen and used it for as long as I remember). I have no idea what model and he bought it in Germany because that's where he lives.
My mom's toaster has been working for the past 3 or 4 years at least, but again, I don't know what brand it is.

Sorry to be of no help, but if nothing else, now you know that there are toasters that work more than 2 years.


We also have a cuisinart, but it is a Cuisinart 4 slice metal classic toaster. I think it was $75.00, which is pricy but we use it every day and we have had it for 2 years. I like it alot. I think they make a similar 2 slice model but I am not sure. Hope this helps. Good luck! :)


I have a super cheap "Home Essentials" brand toaster that I bought at KMart about 4 years ago (like $10, super cheap).  I don't use it everyday, but it has worked well.  It has "no frills," just a numbered dial to adjust the darkness of the toast.  In my experience, with minor appliances, "no frills" is the way to go...cheaper and fewer things to malfunction.


I agree that the toaster oven is the master of toasting (and you can bake small things!), but my best toaster (I am a little embarrassed to say) was a Hello Kitty toaster. I believe they still sell it, and it leaves an un-toasted Hello Kitty face on your toast. A little strange, at times inconvenient, but tasty (and good quality toaster).

I'm still thinking about the Hello Kitty waffle iron (waffles, of course, in the shape of the Kitty herself).


Every toaster I've ever had, has gotten crumbs on the counter.  Even if I clean it very often.  That's the only complaint I have about toasters.  We currently have a T-Fal (?) toaster we got at Sam's Club in Lubbock.  We moved in 2004 and we'd had it at least a year maybe two before then.  It still works as good as it ever did.  We probably make toast at least twice a week.  Maybe that's the trick to not wearing it out!


My grandmother is a toaster oven convert, too. She never uses her real oven anymore.

I have happy memories of my grandma baking biscuits for every meal in her toaster oven. 

I had a toaster briefly in college, then I found a toaster oven and it made all the difference.  I cook all sorts of things in my toaster oven.  Currently we have a Black and Decker "toast-R-oven" which is at least 4 years old, probably much older, because it was given to us used after a friend moved.  Very cheap; can be found at any box store in North America.
These are also much easier to clean than traditional toasters, IMO.  But they take up precious counter space and aren't exactly the most attractive things you can put on your counter.

When this one kicks the bucket, I'll get a Cuisinart Convection/Toaster oven combo.


My mom is still using the Sunbeam Chrome toaster that she bought (used) with my dad the year they married - 1953!

I'm sure they don't make 'em like they used to! (I, too, like a toaster oven)

We have noticed that there are some great commercial toasters out there - used by hotels that serve breakfast as part of their hospitality. I would call the local Marriott and/or Day's Inn and ask what they're using if you want a really good one. (but, it won't be cheap)


I have Black&Decker Toast-R-Oven, too, for more than 5 years and it's still very reliable, easy to clean. It's an inexpensive model and I use it for much more than toast. Heating up veggie burgers, veggie bacon, potatoes, vegetables, etc. I know you said you're looking for just a toaster but I think a toaster oven is a much better investment.


someone mentioned a home essential brand from kmart.  i have that one!!  i paid about $8.00 for mines over 7 years ago and i use it every single day.  it has become quite yucky looking because its peeling and crap, but it works beautifully!!!


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