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Tofutti vanilla cuties pink colored filling?

I just bought some tofutti vanilla cuties and I can't remember if they've always been pink colored. I thought they might have been strawberry by mistake, but they tasted vanilla still. Anyone have any thoughts? They show up white on the box cover and I just don't remember; it's been a few months since I had them last.

I used to love me some vanilla Tofutti Cuties.  The vanilla was white.  I wonder if the pink was a manufacturing error - like they either accidentally added pink to the vanilla batch or it's an interim batch if they use the same equipment for strawberry and vanilla (although you think they'd clean it in-between it in that case).


they've always been white; the wildberry type are pink. Like hh said, maybe a manufacturing error. I'd think if it was a matter of not cleaning the machines that they would at least taste faintly fruity if there's enough for them to be pink.


Maybe its an adorable surprise for Valentines Dayyyy


I went ahead and asked Tofutti if they knew what caused it (I'm of a scientific mind, so I always want to know how things work), and I got a very quick response:

"... From your description of the product, it was apparently thawed and then refrozen during storage and/or transportation.  When that happens, the coloring used  in the wafer's cocoa, which has a reddish tinge to it, will leatch into the vanilla mix, causing it to discolor.  Other than the discoloration, there is nothing wrong with the product except for the appearance. ..."

I'm pretty sure they've been at the store for a long time, because its a small town and I don't think many other people buy them (which is a tragedy). They also don't have any other flavors here :(  I should ask them to order more... They all sound so delicious on the website!

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