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Tofuttibreak...vegan cheese

I read in a post a couple months ago about VeganRella that you (tofuttibreak) wanted to try it on pizza.

Well, I did try VeganRella's mozzarella on homemade pizza and thought it was super gross--the flavor was mozzarella-ey, but the texture was almost wax-like and stuck to the roof of my mouth in globs. I was not impressed and will try Follow Your Heart mozzarella next time. Did you ever try out the pizza with the VeganRella? How were your results?

I just tried the Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet mozzarella cheese a few days ago on homemade pizza, and it was suprisingly good!  I was a little worried, too, because when you take it out of the package cold, it has a weird texture kind of like very firm tofu.  Weird.  At any rate, I've since had it on burritos and it was quite good with that too.  It doesn't melt quite as well as they claim it does, but it melts sufficiently enough to make you believe it is cheese. . . 


Good to know that the FYH works well. I've tried their Monterey Jack style and it was good (not something I'd eat a chunk of like normal cheese, but really good in things).


I totally missed this thread! I was thinking about buying some Veganrella this week. I'm glad that I didn't!
I'm going to see if my WF carries FYH. I've just been making cheeseless pizzas that I really like, but sometimes I crave the texture of mozzarella on pizza. Thanks for the advice!

Make sure you grate the FYH. It melts and tastes better that way. The only way you can make Veganrella taste decent is to grate it and mix in lots of spices. None will ever taste like the real thing. Both will feel really gross in your hands, so go to your happy place. :D

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