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Does anyone know if they still manufacture this stuff? And if they do, how do I get some? I've only had it once and made a pretty killer Tuno Noodle Casserole. Really, it was awesome and I don't think tofu will be as good of a substitute.

It's not available anymore.  Blame corporate America.  Worthington made tuno, but then Kellogs bought Worthington and discontinued it.  Try making "tuna" with chickpeas.


ive also had really good faux tuna that was all raw.. made out of sunflower seeds.. ill try to find a recipe for it.. that stuff is so good.. sometimes they sell little cut up wraps of it in whole foods.. they look like sushi made w/ tortillas sorta..


here are some raw faux tuna recipes i found.. 2 are sunflower seed based, which ive had, and are super good.. the other one is made from carrot pulp left over from your juicer.. if i had a juicer i would totally make it.. it sounds good and like it would look like salmon salad or something..

but the chickpea tuna salad here on VW is really good too

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