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Udo's Oil and Infants

So Lyle had his first "solid" food on Christmas....rice cereal. Today I added a little splash of Udos to it. Do you think that is Ok to do? I'm sure his doctor would have no idea what Udos is. I'm making the cereal with water (not breastmilk like you're supposed to) because I don't have a lot of extra breast milk to spare and just want to save it for feedings. I thought adding Udos would make it much more nutritious but afterwards I started wondering if it was Ok to do.....

also, i hate the taste of udos so I thought it would be a good way to use it up, and get him used to it too so that he might not mind the taste later in life.

vegan sapian?
anyone?  thanks!!! ;)b

Tell us what Udo's is.  ???



Its an omegas oil that has a mixture of 3 6 9 fatty acids. vegan


really! I googled it.  8)

eta: obviously I don't have any real response here..


I guess I'll see what happens...I think maybe its too early since its made from sunflower seeds and other things he might not be ready for. Well, I've been eating all that stuff and he seems OK. Hopefully someone else will have better info!


Awww....little Lyle is growing up! :)>>>

Personally, I wouldn't add it this soon....just because, my youngest has a freak flaxseed oil allergy. I used to give it to my older kids(they used to love the taste....ewww...) Anyway, one day when mona was around 1 1/2 maybe,  I gave some to her. Later that day she threw up out of the blue, but I had no idea why and didn't think about the flax seed oil at all. The next day, I decided to rub flax oil all over her body to help her eczema (this technique had worked very well for her older sibs) A couple minutes later she walked over to me and lifted her shirt... her belly was all broke out in hives, her lips were swollen and she was vomiting again! I quickly rinsed her off in the shower and her skin started clearing up immediately. It was totally bizarre and unexpected. I would never had thought someone could be allergic to "healthy" oils, but apparently it can happen.

As far as helping the nutrition of the rice cereal, I would add pureed veggies. Here's what I did.

World's easiest baby food.

1) Buy a huge bag of organic carrots (or whatever veg you want to start with).
2) Steam them well.
3) Puree(vitamix!)
4) Freeze in ice cube trays.

At meal time, grab a frozen veg cube, nuke it a couple of seconds, add rice cereal. My kids favorite was steamed asparagus...

Or just add fresh bananas smashed, easy and quick.

You should be able to find a chart online about what is safe to feed when, etc...I would avoid nuts and seeds for a while, but maybe Tess knows better. Tess, where are you darling!

You're doing good, mama!


Also, I used this book years ago. It is very informative and makes it super easy to make your own homemade baby food.

Super Baby Food

If I still had it I would totally send it to you.... :(


Thanks VS!  I knew you would come through! My friend just gave me super baby food-its great! I wish i had read it earlier-then I would have ground and made my own rice cereal. I'm thinking this store bought one (although organic) might not be vegan (vitamins).

yeah, i'm gonna hold off on any more udos. I can't believe the flax thing! wow!

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