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Has anyone tried vega? It's a protien powder with tons of vitamins & healthy stuff in it. A bunch of people use it on this other website I have been checking out lately but these are very health & fitness minded people and I don't know if I can trust their opion about its TASTE. I'm looking for something I can just mix with water & will taste ok and not clump up. It's really expensive and I can't find a store around here that carries it to just try a sample pack.

I thought Vega was a star... ;)


ahhh so maybe it's made of stardust, that would explain why its so expensive! And why these vegan athletes talk like it has magical properties.


I just bought a sample pack of the berry vega at Whole Foods Market today. The taste was not amazing but def not bad at all!
I've been a member of and everyone on there swears by it so I figured i'd give it a shot.

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