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Vegan Boots & Shoes

I always have the WORST time finding professional, good-looking dress shoes that are vegan.  So does my husband.  This week we both found shoes we are very happy with.

My husband's shoe is the JUSTIN, available at It comes in brown and black.

My shoe is the "WOMEN'S CHOICE" by LifeStride, available at  It comes in dark brown, light brown, and black.

At, you can type in "vegetarian" in the search area and get their non-leather shoes.  At, they have a vegetarian shoes link on the right side of the screen.

Hope someone finds this helpful!

natalie portman is a veggie goddess, but...

I bet they cost like, hundreds of dollars though. :(

yeah. I don't have the cash to buy beautiful, expensive vegan footwear. oh well. kudos to natalie for doing this!


The other, non-vegan shoes from that company all seem to be around $250-$300, so I think it is  a safe guess that these will be pretty similar in price.
. . . . sigh . . . .


I have a summer job at the moment and have been working since May. Just recently I have had the need for steel toed work boots. I had no Idea I was to wear these when I applied, and I haven't had the need for them.

I was wondering if anyone could recomend a good pair that is vegan. I have found several pairs on the net, but my feet are so small. The boots I am borrowing are a size four in mens(still huge, even with a thick extra sole and thick socks, not to mention leather, bah!). :(

I usually wear a size four to five in womens(even some threes), a size three in mens I think (or would that be boys?). 

I feel awfu; having to wear these boots at work, and I hope some one could halp me out. My work place will pay me back up to a hundred dollars for boots purchaes so that is all good.

Any suggestions?



Thanks I will take a look at the sites.

I would rather not wear leather, but if I have to I will search there. The Goodwill store in the next town over is kind of rappy I guess one could say. I have to dig around to find anything, but perhaps it will not be in vain.

The vegan shoes may be expensive, but I am sure they are worth it.


You can try  They have a large selection of work boots... I don't know which, if any, are made of synthetic materials.

I would not buy used as part of the function of the boot is electrical resistance which wears down with time.

If you find a boot, would you mind sharing/doing a review here.  I wear a steel toe and my current pair is leather...  :-[



Sure, Love to help others. And thanks for the link. I will check them out later tonight.


Okay so I may own a pair of winter boots made out of Lamb skin and wool.  You'll have to forgive me.  I'm trying to find a good replacement because I live in the Northeastern US and it gets cold and icy.  I have to walk everywhere so I need a shoe that will 1) keep my feet warm and dry 2) be able to handle walking through snow, slush, and ice  3) look cute 4) not come from the hide of an innocent animal.

Any Suggestions?


Are your ugg boots still in good condition?  I'd keep wearing them until I had to replace them.  Then I'd look for an insulated waterproof hiking boot.


Okay this is stupid but I found these:
which are vegan and look pretty cute... so nevermind.


I see that you've found a pair, but I have to say I agree with HH.  I have leather shoes, boots, a purse, and a jacket that I continue to wear/use because I know that I can't bring back the animals that died for them.  I could take them to Goodwill, but I don't know that the persons that buy them will make as much use of them as I will.  They might throw them away if they become scuffed or show wear.  The best way I know to honor the lives taken is to wear them until they literally fall apart.  Consider wearing your boots until they fall off your feet, then buy vegan.


I agree with HH and Storm, I was such a shopaholic that I really dont have to buy any new shoes or purses for awhile.  I'm gonna use them as long as I can. 


Yeah I've used them pretty harshly.  They're going to need replaced soon so I figured I'd go veg this time around.


That's so cool that they say vegan right up front.


and they're really cute too, and so much cheaper


I thought this might interest some people on the board here, but I've recently started a new company, The Vegan Collection. The Vegan Collection is an online vegan shoe company committed to providing stylish cruelty-free shoes at reasonable prices. One of the many things that sets this company apart is the commitment to providing a better life for animals in need. 25% of all proceeds are donated to organizations that are advocates for animals. Four groups have been chosen:

- Animal Acres (
- Animal Ark (
- ARME (
- Kitten Rescue (

We have witnessed first hand the great work that these organizations have accomplished and want to do what we can to support their remarkable efforts. Upon checkout, the choice is given to which of the four organizations receive the donation for that purchase.

In addition, we feel strongly about the environmental impact of our products. To counterbalance the resources used in manufacturing and shipping our products, 1% of all proceeds are dedicated to retiring verified greenhouse gas emission offsets.

“The Lincoln” is a classic men’s Oxford currently offered by The Vegan Collection. It is available in both black and brown and perfect for everyday wear. At this time The Lincoln is the only shoe up for purchase, but we intend to expand our selection in the near future.

Any feedback greatly appreciated and we hope you will take a moment to check out the site.




Shoe design looks great, and I am absolutely loving the price of those shoes. Most other cruelty-free dress shoes are above $100 a pair. Fantastic stuff, can't wait to see what else you guys get going.


Yeah, the site looks great. Are you going to have women's shoes? Or unisex?



oh wow! those look great!  thanks for posting the link.


I think I will be purchasing a pair given the great price.



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