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vegan cleaning products that work!

I need some suggestions of vegan cleaning products that work--especially dishwasher soap.

My requirements are no animal testing and no animal ingredients.  I just bought 7th Generation for the first time and the dishes didn't come clean--this despite my soaking them in hot soapy water before loading!  The vegetable oil didn't even completely wash out of the popcorn pan!

I have discovered Method @ Target and have been happy with that, but I do need bleach and dishwasher soap suggestions too!  Environment is not as important as dishes getting clean.

I know I sound preoccupied with clean dishes, but have I mentioned they aren't coming clean?


hey chocsoymilk !
try this site...lots of vegan and green cleaning options! great topic to bring up!



I use Nature Clean dishwasher powder as well as Nature Clean Laundry Soap. Works good enough for me.  My whites aren't white, but they're clean.

For everyday cleaning I have microfiber cloths and the work AWESOME!!!  I have one for general purpose, one for windows, and one for the bathroom/tub.  No soap required, just water.  Cleaning the windows isn't such a big chore if the product you're using actually works with little effort!! I'll see if I can find a link. Found it:

I also stumbled on a new cleaner.  Seventh Generation Citrus cleaner/degreaser.  We needed to buy carpet cleaner... (never let a 2 1/2 year old anywhere near a jiffy marker :o ) but my hubby could not bring himself to buy the chemical stuff, so he brought home the 7th generation stuff.  I was skeptical, but my white carpet is now jiffy marker free!!



I had the same problem with 7th Generation Dishwasher liquid not getting dishes clean.  I switched over to Biokleen's Automatic Dishwasher Powder and now I don't have a problem.  In general, I think that powders are better than liquids in dishwashers.  7th gen products are usually very good but in this case biokleen was better (I also use the Soy Cream Cleaner by Biokleen for cleaning my kitchen/bathroom sinks and counters.)


I too have been looking for new dishwasher detergent.  I am not too happy with the 7th Generation stuff, but it is WAY better than the Earth Friendly brand stuff (dishes came out of the dishwasher REALLY dirty and the detergent made the dishwasher overflow).  I have a very old dishwasher that I can't use powdered detergent in, so I'm at a loss.  We don't seem to have very many options in stores here besides the two brands I mentioned.


I just looked on the Method (available @ Target) site and they have some Dish Cubes that I'll probably try.  I don't know how it will go, but I still remain hopeful . . .


With a heavy heart I too gave up on Seventh Generation dishwasher stuff, although the regular dishwashing soap works okay and I use that for the stuff I clean in the sink.  However, Ecover makes automatic dishwasher tablets that work great.  I can only get them at Whole Foods, which I am boycotting at the moment, but I'm going to have to go back in to pick up another box.  I've discovered with the more natural-type dishwashing products that using a rinse aid helps tremendously.  Ecover and that other earth-friendly label (the orange label) both make rinse aids but the Ecover one is much much cheaper so I use that.


Not for dishes, but cider vinegar and water makes a good cleaning compound. Used half and half with water it's a good disinfectant and grease-cutter. Pour the mixture in a steam shark and it does wonders for lime and/or soap scum  in the bathroom and kitchen. For stubborn limestain, pour neat vinegar on a cloth and cover the stain with it, leave for about 20 min. And it doesn't have the harsh impact on your skin, respiratory system and clothes that chemical cleaners have. You do get the vinegar smell breifly, but it doesn't last.


If your dishwasher has a rinse aid well, what I've found works is filling it with plain ol' white vinegar, also if you have a "spare" well for heavy loads, filling it with baking soda and then making it into a paste with vinegar gets almost ANYTHING off!!!!

For home-made all purpose cleaner, I've found making a decoction of parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregono and lemon juice in vinegar works GREAT!!!

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