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Vegan Shopping in the US (D.C. Animal rights conference in August)

Hello all!

I will be in Washington DC for the AR Conference in August, and since I live abroad and usually can't findsome of the crazier ingredients that vegan recipes call for, I was wondering if you could help me out.  Because now that I can go to the States and get them, I am drawing a blank!

Here is what I have so far:

Bragg's Liquid Amino Acids
Liquid Smoke
Smoked Paprika
Nutritional Yeast (although I can find that here in the Netherlands)
vita wheat gluten (so excited about this one!)
corn meal
vegan worcestershire sauce
vegan parmesan cheese
vegan chocolate chips
agave syrup (also can get this but in small jars)
Egg Replacer

I wish I could bring back the perishables, too, like Soyrizo, uncheez, soy sour cream, etc, but those will have to be left behind.

So my I missing anything???

Also, where am I supposed to get this stuff?  I've heard names tossed around, like Trader Joe's, Wholefoods, etc.  Any more chains that I can hit up?

Does anyone know of any other options in the DC/Alexandria area?  (or just any good veg*n places to eat).

And finally, is anyone else going to the AR Conference?

I did a quick search of the DC area for the following:

Wegmans : ( I shop at the one in Maryland and -love- them, you can find just about anything you want or need or could dream of, at -really- good prices)

And of course...

Trader Joe's: ( I could not survive without my frequent excursions into Maryland to go to the Trader Joe's)

When is the AR Conference? I may come down and check it out.

Hope this helps! :)


Oh oh! And there is a -very- good restaurant in the Dupont Circle area (Which you can access via the Metro) that is attached to a bookshop

Good food!

Also, there is a lovely indian place in Dupont Circle that has the -best- food and there is also a really good (and cheap) Greek restaurant that serves yummy homemade hummus and pita.

My boyfriend and I go to the DC alot and we love Dupont Circle. He sits and plays chess with the homeless people and the place is always filled with lively musicians, many people set up tables as well to educate people. This is where I first learned about veganism and animal rights. They also have a Market on the weekend.

We also like to go there as it is a busy and very liberal section of town.

If I think of anything else, I'll post again!


I'm moving to Spain next month and I made a list of foods I need to bring up there, some of them are:

Ground Flax Seed
Maple Syrup
Graham Cracker Pie Crusts

Not sure if you can get any of those where you live, but I know in the part of Spain I'm going to it's either impossible to find that stuff or the prices are ridiculously expensive. Thanks for making this post, I'm curious to see if anyone else replies with good suggestions.


oooo Graham Cracker pie crusts, and graham crackers even!  Good one, I never would have thought of those (and no, you can't get them here!).

And thanks, Malevolence for the where-to's!  I'm really looking forward to Kramer's!

The AR conference is from the 14th to the 18th of August (18th isn't really on the agenda, but there are demos scheduled).

Here is info:

Would be great to see other VWers there!


i second Wegmans, Trader Joes, and Whole Foods.  Also, for resturants there are a good number listed on the site for DC so that would be a great place to start! 

Most of the places i know are in VA and not so metro accessible.  however, most places in DC are open and willing to make things vegan for you with customized changes :) 

One of my favorite resturants is Sunflower ( and they have 2 locations in VA but not easily metro accessible.  if folks want to take a field trip to the Falls Church one- it's a bigger location - the food is really really good!!!

have fun in DC :)


You wll love it here! Very veg friendly area.
Check this site out for great info
Definitely go to Java Green and Sticky Fingers Bakery.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to go to the conference because I leave for vacation on the 15th.


Thanks everyone!  The conference is actually in Alexandria, VA, although I will be making mini trips into D.C., so all of the above helps!  on the VegDC site I found LOADS of Alexandria vegan eatin places!  It's incredible!  Here in Amsterdam we have maybe 5 veg*n places- one recently closed down.  And ONE town in the States has 5 or 6 times that amount!  PLUS places like Wholefoods, Trader Joe's, and MOM's (thanks mdvegan!).

Soooooo can't wait to go.  :D

Also, I THINK but am not sure that Sticky Fingers is doing some sort of catering at the conference....this could be wrong but I did hear somewhere I think....


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