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Vitamix Today's Special Value on QVC 1/23/11--Also Available on 5 Payments!!!

I just want to let my fellow Vegwebbers know that QVC shopping channel is offering a Vitamix as their Today's Special Value.  The model they're offering today has a smaller 48 oz container that is a bit more compact and fits more easily underneath cabinets (compared to the original, taller 64 oz container).  The price is $363 + tax, with free shipping, and total can be broken down into 5 payments.  They offered another Vitamix as their Today's Special Value a few months ago, which is when I purchased it.  I know that I could not have afforded this if I hadn't been able to break it down into 5 payments.  Check it out at  You can read a ton of 5-star reviews from customers, also.  I have ordered many items from QVC over the years and have never had problems.  They have a great return policy, if necessary.

Ugh! :\
Hopefully they will have a Today's Special in like..10 years. ;)

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