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Vitamix on wedding registry

I'm getting married in June and am debating the idea of adding a Vitamix to my wedding registry (or getting it after the wedding). I have a couple of questions and am hoping someone here can help me.

The first thing I would like to know is if I get a Vitamix, would I still need a food processor? I've read reviews that suggest both yes and no. I'm just curious if anyone here still uses their food processor after getting a Vitamix.

Also, there are basically three different models I am considering: the CIA Professional Series (1363, 1364, 1365), the Turboblend 4500, and the 5200 model. What is the difference in these models? I can get the CIA models and Turboblend at Bed, Bath and Beyond (where my registry is). The CIA and 5200 each have 7 year warrenties, but I haven't seen much variance in the description of each item.

Thanks for any advice!

I love my Vitamix. But I love my food processor too (a pricey Cuisinart - my mother in law shocked me with it for Christmas this year, before that I had a KitchenAid that was also good but smaller). I use the Vitamix for general blender things and anything that I want silky, silky smooth. The food processor I generally use for chopping (where a chop is needed rather than a puree). Supposedly you can chop with the Vitamix too - but it always seemed so much more complicated to me using the method they recommend ("wet" chopping where you put the veggies in with water and then chop them on a low setting). I just don't see it doing a good, uniform job like my food processor, especially with large quantities. I just see the food turning into a puree way too quickly. I certainly don't think a course chop would turn out well at all in the Vitamix.

I think you can get away with a Vitamix and an inexpensive food processor, but I wouldn't get rid of the food processor entirely. Unless you are really good and fast with a knife.

As for the model, I have no idea. Mine is 4 years old now...a Super 5000 and still works as well as the day I bought it.

Congrats on the wedding!


I am a knife person. I like to chop my veggies myself.  I had a food processor and never used it so I got rid of it.
I have a Vitamix now and use it for everything else I can't do with a knife.
Between the two I have no use for a food processor.  Not to mention that I don't have the room for very many gadgets.
Rice cooker/veggie steamer, good knives, Vitamix and a mixer. These I can't live without. Anything else is extra.

But hey, if it's a wedding gift (congratulations!) I'd say ask for anything you can!

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