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What is your favorite store-bought vegan chocolate?

Just like the topic says...what is your favorite store-bought vegan chocolate? Or if you buy it online, tell us that too!

I loooooove chocolate, in many forms and since going vegan, I love it more. There are so many different kinds out there I'd love to hear what everyone recommends!

My faves:

Trader Joes semisweet chocolate chips: For baking but I love to eat them plain. They're not super sweet and have a smooth (but not waxy) texture that isn't all crumbly or dry.

Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate with Orange or Espresso: Over 55% cacao makes a deep dark chocolate. My favorite flavors are the orange or espresso. Yum! I usually buy it at Whole Foods but also see it at Shaws.

Go Max Go Foods Mahala Bar: Rice-milk chocolate with moist, sweet coconut and almonds. Very sweet, satisfies a 'candy bar' craving more than a chocolate craving. I love coconut but would love more almonds in it. I've only ever found it at Whole Foods.

I have tried Endangered species dark chocolate and dark chocolate with mint.  They are good if you like dark chocolate and cure the craving.  I want to try the Go Max Go bars.


I definitely love Endangered Species Chocolate...especially the Raspberry & Dark Chocolate.  :)>>>
Have you ever heard of Chocolatl?  They have some amazing raw chocolate made with some crazy ingredients, but it's really good stuff!


Trader Joe's Pound Plus bars - bittersweet or dark
Guittard chocolate chips or discs
Endangered Species - the one with the chimps... whatever that one is.
the organica bars ("milk" and white chocolates) are pretty good too, but i prefer dark.


I absolutely love Scharffen Berger chocolate...the mocha and 82% are so good.  I get mine at WF.


Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate with Orange or Espresso

There, I fixed it.


I found a new favorite chocolate.  It is made by Sweet Riot.  On is a dark chocolate bar with cacao nibs and the other has raisins and cacao nibs.  The raisin one is surprisingly good.  They add a little sweeetness and the nibs add a nice crunch.  I haven't tried the chocolate covered nibs yet because they are expensive.


I discovered a new one that's now my fave, they're a german brand called Moser Roth and the two dark chocolate flavors I always see are Chili and an Orange Almond one. Love them both so much!  :)>>>
I suppose they depend on where you stand with the "may contain trace amounts" for veganism though.
Here's a great review site with lots of good pics of it too, if not an official link.


I have been a vegan for 20 years, so I only indulge in vegan chocolate.

My favorites are:

Nicobella Chocolate, but I mostly find that online. You can buy it in some local stores too.

I also love Native Garden's Chocolate. I think you can only buy this online.


i looovveee gomaz bars. yum!


Endangered Species!


I love the rice milk chocolate bars!

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