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Wildwood Soy Creamer

My 9 month long mission to find a vegan coffee creamer has ended.  Wildwood tastes very good (a smidge sweet) and doesn't taste like vanilla or any other flavorings.  It has only 1 g carb/sugar  and 1.5 g unsaturated fat per tbsp. It is organic and costs only $1.69/pint at my store.  Unfortunately, not many stores have it yet so you may want to check their website ( and then call the store, as Wildwood also makes (really good) tofu and other soy products.  You can also order it online.

It doesn't clump or separate and does well in the microwave, too. ;)b

I love everything Wildwood! You're right though, not many stores sell it. The only place I have ever found it was at the co-op. They make my favorite creamer- no funky aftertaste or separation and you don't have to get a flavored one for it to taste good.


I love this creamer :)>>>, I buy it at Whole Foods. Trader Joes brand soy organic creamer is just as good and cheaper!

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