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any vegan moms/and non-vegan dads out there?

I'm just wondering (based on the likelihood that this is my future) what it is like to raise kids when one of you is vegan and the other is not? Do you  cook nonvegan meals? Will your kids be raised vegan? Does your non vegan spouse agree with feeding kids a vegan only diet? If your spouse eats nonvegan foods how do you deal with kids who want to eat what Daddy eats etc? Do you allow your child to try vegan foods when he or she is at a friends house, etc?

Just thinking ahead and I have no idea what I'd do about this yet. I feel strongly that a vegan diet is healthiest but, my boyfriend is nonvegan and I'm okay wit hthat.

There are some really good threads elsewhere that deal with this issue, regarding SO's... it's pretty different than dealing with kids' habits, but definitely related to the same conundrum... if you haven't already, it might be helpful looking through these:

My kid was 16 by the time I was where I am now, food-wise; I will say that he does a MUCH better job of reading food labels than most kids his age! and will absolutely never eat common SAD items like hamburgers, hot dogs, and bacon. 'Cause I never COOKED these things, so he never acquired the taste: they totally gross him out! (yay!)

That said... I wish I had done a better job of keeping ALL the animal junk from ever being 'normal' to eat, while he was small.  :-\  Oh well, we're all just doing our best, right?

I don't cater to other adults' whims, w/ food prep of items I think are gross. But I never had to really deal with it, with small kids, since I was a single mom til my boy was 12... single parenthood has financial drawbacks; but also some nice strengths (that don't get the same amount of press, lol)!



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