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Baby/Toddler finger foods

I am fairly new to the vegetarian & vegan diet.  My 11 month old is vegan due to allergies.  I use eggs and dairy for now until I find an alternative for making yogurt, etc. that doesn't require soy (my allergy).

My daughter loves feeding herself and I have been giving her steamed veggies for now until she has more teeth and is able to chew the raw foods better.  What I am wondering though is if anyone knows if you can make the vegeble chips, such as the sweet potato ones, using squash?  She loves squash but I am trying to think of things we can take for her to snack on when we are away from home.

Also, does anyone know of some cracker (graham or other type) that doesn't use soy, honey or nuts?  Abbie loves graham crackers, but I would rather make my own.


I use Earth's Best Organic teething bisuits, the maple ones have no wheat  and the vanilla ones do. Neither have sugar but they do have organic molasses. I haven't got the ingredients as I just moved yesterday and most of my house is still in boxes. I'll look for my recipe that I made for toddler biscuits and will post it when I come across it.
I don't quite understand what you mean by vegetable chips.
My 11 month old is vegan due to my ethics and to have a healthier world to live in as she grows.  ;)


The Vegan Lunch Box blog is my favorite kid-friendly food idea place. We have Jennifer McCann's cookbook and honestly it's the best vegan cookbook we use. VWAV is great but I have to cross my fingers for things to come out right especially if I subsitute things. With Vegan Lunch Box I found most of the recipes are mistake proof! Anything I have made from that book turns out fabulous! I even make my husband lunches from the book.

Hey, for yogurt,  maybe you can try a soy yogurt recipe but use rice milk??
My son also loves cooked veg. I take cooked peas as a snack for him.

Here's a Squash Chip Recipe I found. Looks easy!!

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