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Easy gluten-/casein- free recipes for son's lunch. (Gluten Free - School Lunch)

My son's lunch needs to be beefed up a little more.  He has many allergies/food sensitivies: gluten free, casein free, no soy, peanuts, & can only have rice or oats (even GF) occasionally as he's sensitive to those.

I wish I could find another simple one like this -  (I use puffed millet for the cereal as he's sensitive to rice & ghee for the butter) If I wasn't already using it for breakfast, this would work for lunch as something else to add.  But this is one of several breakfast foods he eats.

Do you have any ideas of something pretty easy to make that I could add to what he already takes to school for lunch--I'd love to be able to add something more to fill him up better--But I've been adding GF/CF/allergy-free foods to my recipe arsenol one by one...slowly over 6 months time & so it's not been a quick process.  Even one more idea is a great "find" for me!
I'd give him more of the GF muffins I make, but those are so time consuming to make (I add chopped up spinach & shredded carrots to it, adding veg's)--if I added more, I'd be making them more often...

Any thoughts & ideas will be appreciated.


Over the holidays, I went to a potluck where the goal was to make a meal that everyone could eat every thing. We had a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and gluten and red dye allergies to cater to. I made two quinoa bakes, a savory mexican one where I subbed some of the cooking water with enchilada sauce, layered it with a black bean filling, added more enchilada sauce and popped it in the oven @ 350* for around 30 minutes; and a sweet one, again, I subbed some of the cooking water with apple cider, added a little maple syrup and apple pie spice blend (nutmeg, cinnamon, etc), sauteed some diced apples then added some more apple cider along with dried fruits (dried cherries and cranberries this time) and walnuts, took the apple mixture off the heat and covered 'till the quinoa was done, mixed it all up, put it in a baking dish and slapped it into a 350* oven for 30 minutes and sliced it up like brownies!!! Both were a big hit.

I tried to cock the quinoa by this way, the tatse is so good! Thx for share!



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