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Girl Scout Camp

As some of you know, i am going to girl scout camp next week. My mom called and asked about the food (i am allergic to wheat and am vegan). This seemed to be a problem all their food except salad (which i dont like) was omni food eww. So... I am supposed to bring all my food for the week and tell the chef there how i want it prepare or easier just heated up. I never plan my meals because I hate when things dont go by my perfectly thought out planand I get stressed out over something really dumb.  :-\

Any ideas?

Why bother getting stressed over something like this?  Camp is a week-long affair, I gather.  One week of boring meals is not going to hurt you.  Since someone else will be preparing your foods, I'd go for simplicity and repetition just because it's less likely that something will get messed up.  I would suggest variations on the "rice and beans" theme.  Yes, it's kind of boring, but it is good for you, and can easily be changed up.  For breakfasts, maybe fruits, and soy yogurt.  If you have found a wheat free bread that you like, I'd take a loaf of that for peanut butter sandwiches.  Are Larabars wheat-free?  I think they are.  You could pack something like that for desserts.

Have fun, Violin!  Don't worry about this too much. 


also things like wheat free pasta and just some sauce over the top. You can bring those tofu jerky strips for protein and just get more of your protein from snacks that day than from main courses. Veggie dogs and veggie burgers? Thats kinda  a pain in the butt and I can relate to the stress. Maybe you can plan to bring the simple foods up like we have mentioned and give them to the chef but don't give them instructions on what foods you want on what days? If you can deal with surprises better than having plans messed up that might be the key.

Don't focus on the food...have FUN! ;D


Ah girl scout camp...  :)

First off let me say that I'm not vegan I just have a really bad food allergy so sort out anything that will not work for you:

And I would be VERY adamant about cross-contamination issues seeing as though you have a food allergy to wheat

Favorite pancake or french toast recipe
Fruit salad
Veggie bacon or sausage
Biscuits with "sausage gravy"
Tofu Scramble

Club Sandwiches
"Chicken Salad"
"Egg Salad"
"Tuna Salad"
"Fried Chicken"
Macaroni Salad
Potato Salad
Pickle Wedges
Cole Slaw

Foil Pouches with favorite veggie combo and/or meat substitute


Hopefully they have wheatless alternatives out there for you and I hope you have a fun time but keep in mind it's not your fault you have a food allergy and be proud of you choice to be vegan so don't let ANYONE try to give you second rate... So enjoy yourself  :D  :D  :D


i'm in girl scouts as well.
but when we go on camp outs, we don't go to the HUGE ones with all the other troops.
there is only 6 girls in ours including me and 2 leaders.
i've grown up with the since kindergarten.
we always do our own shopping together before we leave.
i always get veggie burgers while they get regular ones.
it's perfect, but i'd never had to tell a chef to make food for me. i think the message above about various rice and beans is good.
you'll need those protein and carbs, but don't go living off sald for a week.

have lots and lots of fun! :)


i went away for a couple of weeks this summer, and took all my food with me (i have allergies too). it's do-able- write a menu, and try and use the same ingredients a few times in different ways,and you won't need to take lots of complex fiddly stuff.

i've never been to girl scout camp... so i don't know if they have freezers or fridges on site or not.

if they do:

you can just make double portions of all your cooked meals this week, freeze the leftovers, and take a pile of frozen breakfasts, lunches and dinners- all you'll need to do is get someone to heat em up- i did this for some of my meals.

i also took frozen:

wheat-free veggieburgers,
marinaded tofu cut into wedges (for quick and easy baking/frying)
home-made cornbread cut into wedges,
frozen mixed asian veggies,
soups, stews, and curries,
cooked scrambled tofu (pour a bit of soya milk into the container you freeze it in, and then when it defrosts its not rubbery and dry),
frozen seasoned cooked rice and buckwheat (kasha),
assorted chickpea and riceflour pancakes (chocolate, vanilla, and blueberry)

... but you could take whatever you fancy... eg: icecream, waffles, fries, amys dinners.. all kinds of junk, hehehe.

if there is no access to freezers/chillers... some of the un-frozen stuff i took included:

food for life rice wraps (for salad, tofu, peanutbutter and jelly, or veggieburger wraps- quick and easy stuff for an emergency snack).
stirfry veggies, rice noodles, lemonjuice, braggs, and peanut butter (for veggie and tofu stirfry with peanut sauce).
brown rice pasta and tomato sauce, plus dry seasoned tvp (to make spag bol')
zuccinni and carrots and other salady stuff,
a couple of cans of veggies, sweetcorn and beans (to make hummus, use in dips, chilli, soup, and just to bulk stuff out)
amys canned chilli (cos its good on a baked potato, chips, tacos, in a wrap, on rice, or in a bowl with broccoll, tomatoes and cornbread, and its quick and easy)
canned rice and beans (throw some steamed veggies on top and you've got instant dinner),
canned curry (yey for indian food)
morrocan stew stuff to put on couscous ( i put mine on kasha)
potatoes (cos you can mash em, boil em, fry em, have chips, hashbrowns, etc).

you could also take packet rice, pot noodle, and soup stuff, plus cereal and individual serving size soya/rice milks (wasteful packaging, and a bit expensive, but it means you have no need to worry about refridgerating leftovers).

i'd suggest you take loads of snack things too- wheat-free cookies, chips, nuts, trailmix, and the like. if you don't eat it, it'll still be good when you get home, and there is nothing worse than being hungry and miserable because of it, for a whole week, lol.

also, think about barbeque/campfire food:

you can take corn cobs and earth balance, and have corn on the cob.
take popping corn, and nick a pot (or make one out of foil if you're handy!), and do popcorn.
you could do baked potatatoes in foil, and cover them in baked beans.
if you take/borrow cooking foil, you can use a big square of foil, drizzle a bit of oil/spread some earth balance on it, and then fill it with sliced veggies and seasonngs, or fruit and sugar and cinammon, fold it shut, and put it on a barbeque, and 20 mins later you have lush baked things.
you can skewer stuff (veggies, fruits, tofu, etc) and barbeque it too.
slice a banana (with peel on) in half logways, stuff some chocolate in the middle, close it up again, cover it in foil, and do the same thing.   

there are load of cool options- you're only limited by how much stuff you can persuade people to carry across the campsite to the kitchen for you!

i wouldn't stress about planning it perfectly too much, just make sure you have enough stuff for something at each meal you'll be there for (count 'em and add 2 extra of each meal, incase) and just go with the flow when you're there. i over-plan and get stressed out if things change too, but i'm trying to quit it, cos its not really worth the hassle- stuff is gonna be random and beyond my control sometimes, whether i stress about it, or not, right?! just remember to have a nice time!

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