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Green Poop?

DD is 2 months old (today!) and has been having green mucousy stools for 9 days now.  Took her to the pediatrician on Monday.  She said not to worry as long as she isn't dehydrated; however, her weight is dropping because she's not keeping anything in.  She's averaging about 6-9 BMs per day, all green, all slimy.  How can I NOT worry?

According to the internet, it could be a food allergy (I have been on an allergen-free diet since Saturday morning, no improvement) or a virus (which typically lasts up to 7 days).

She has absolutely no other symptoms.  I wouldn't be so worried if it wasn't for her weight - she is below the 25th percentile for height and weight, and below the 10th percentile for head circumference.  She is meeting all developmental milestones, but really hates to be put on her belly and usually faceplants if I do force her to have tummy time.

I'm worried that something is really wrong that the docs aren't picking up on.  How can 9 days of diarrhea NOT be serious?

eta: I had no major dietary changes when this started.  I attempted the 21-Day CSD cleanse, but gave that up after 24 hours because of my concerns over her health.

Sorry, MD, thats sucks to have to be worried, and they can't talk and tell you what's wrong. My *guess* is that it may be because she is eating more, and it may be a food sensitivity, although not a full-blown allergy. Kids can be sensitive to all sorts of things. My daughter had problems w/ citrus, strawberries, red pepper, tamarind, a paint that was on her training potty, etc. She grew out of many of them. Maybe take some pro-biotics and see if that helps her (if you're breastfeeding). Don't worry about the weight percentile thing. The numbers on the American charts are different from the rest of the world's. My daughter was in the 10th percentile forever, but is healthy and active and not at all mal-nourished. Good luck and lots of hugs.


Yuckers! It could also be a little case of rotavirus. While it is a virus, it tends to last longer than the "typical" virus. My son had it and had very foul-smelling green diarrhea for 2 weeks, no other symptoms at all either. There wasn't much to be done about it but just make sure he was drinking plenty of fluids! Hope it goes away soon!


Another you have a LOT of milk?  Sometimes green frothy poo can be a sign of overfeeding...the milk sort of overloads their digestive system and goes through too fast, so maybe she's not absorbing enough of the nutrients before it comes out.

I've read that the growth charts are actually based on formula-fed babies, so I wouldn't worry too much about the weight percentiles.  If she's not sleeping more than usual, seems alert when she's awake, and her coloring is normal (not pale or jaundiced), it's probably not too serious.

Also, my son hated tummy time until he was about 4 months old, and faceplanted as well. ::) Some kids just don't like it.  No big deal.


When my kids were babies, we put them down on their tummies to sleep and they did not mind it at all.  My grandson hated "tummy time" until he was able to roll onto his tummy by himself and get back to his back on his own when he was done.  Now he loves it and is trying to skoot.

The simple way to tell if an infant is dehydrated is to look at the soft spot on top of their head.  If it is lower than normal compared to the bones, it is a sign of not having enough fluid.  If it is at a normal level, all is fine in that area.  Another test done more often on adults is a gentle pinch of the skin.  If it springs back down, everything is fine.  If is stays peaked up, you are dehydrated.  These tests came from my sister who worked as an ER nurse for many years and triaged many infants brought in by worried moms. 

I once freeked out over green poop, until I realized I was giving in to a bunch of brocoli cravings ::) 

As long as the hight and weight are balanced and he continues to grow, don't worry about the charts.  My grandson was born below the 25th percentile in weight, right at the 50th in hight, and in the 90th in head circumference.  He is growing fine.  his dad is tall and skinny as are about 1/2 the males in his family.  Most likely, he will stay that way.  As long as he does not drop percentiles in weight, everything will be OK.


I was going to say the same as permanentgrin.  If you switch nurse (nurse for so long on one side and then switch to the other) and you have a big milk supply she may be getting mainly foremilk.  This happened with my kids.  If you have a large milk supply it can be good to nurse on one side at a time which allows the baby to get the thicker "creamier" hindmilk.  This also provides more calories (which is a good thing).


Doc just ordered a series of 3 stool cultures.  Let the (cloth) diaper scraping begin!


I think Lyle did this very same thing, and eventually it stopped and he has no known food allergies. I do remember being super worried though! It is hard not to be. They are growing and developing and their poop is bound to go through some changes. I'm sure she is fine and the cultures will put your mind at ease!


Interestingly, the day we were supposed to start the cultures, the poop slowed waaaay down.  (Like 2-3 'normal' poops and 1 tiny dark green poop.)  Yesterday, we only had two poops and they were both seedy yellow.  Hopefully she's over whatever it was - she's quite a bit underweight.


DD had a doc appt on Monday and gained 6 oz when she should have gained 14.  As we were getting ready to leave the office, she had a BM and it was tinged with blood.  We rushed the sample to the hospital to start the stool culture.

Yesterday and today we have been having green poops.

So far, we know that she is negative for rotavirus, positive for occult blood and c. diff.  The doc thinks that the c. diff. is probably what is causing the problems and recommended avoiding the antibiotic used to treat.

I have started adding a little probiotic to expressed breast milk, but I am REALLY worried about her weight.  She is 24" and weighs 9 lbs 8 oz.  I can see her ribs.  :'(

She is otherwise acting fine. 

I'll report back when we get culture results on bacteria and parasites.


Oh no, that sounds scary!  I hope you get to the bottom of it soon, so your little DD can put on some weight.

On the bright side, at least it doesn't seem to be causing her any pain/discomfort.  :-\


I just read this.  How is she doing, mdv?


She's started regaining.  It must've just been from the c diff.  :-\  The poop is still green, but much less frequent.


glad to hear she is kicking the c diff.  That is a nasty bug that is resistant to almost all antibiotics.  My aunt has it chronically, and they have to give her tons of antibiotics because she has received 2 organ transplants.

Its always scarry when kids start loosing weight, so good to know she is gaining again.

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