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hypothetical preschool/daycare poll

I am curious.

It depends.

eta: hope this isn't too 'controversial' for the chit chat board, but I spied this quiz online a few days ago at the PPK:

Point taken.  I edited my post to be Chit Chat-friendly.


I would go with a pre-school that was vegan-friendly (i.e. I could pack foods for my kids, they wouldn't have to eat school food, the staff would respect my wishes with regards to what my child can and cannot have) and that had a well qualified staff and came highly recommended.


NOt planning on having kids, but if I was and there was the option of a vegan preschool or a typical one right next to eachother I'd definetly pick the vegan one. But I don't think I'd be willing to drive very far out of my way every day to take my child to vegan preschool versus stopping to drop them off at a regular one that was on my way to work.


i don't plan on having kids, but i said i would go out of my way... i mean, i would teach my kid how to ride a bike/bike them/let them use public transport (don't plan on ever having a car either).

i don't think it is super important to have them brainwashed into veganism, but i do think it is important that they are not accidentally fed something un-vegan, can get snacks when they are hungry... whatever.


One option that wasn't there was whether you would go to a place that didn't follow your religious beliefs.  My children have all attended a Jewish preschool and we aren't Jewish.

I want to change my vote.    I said I would go out of my way for a veg place but after thinking about it I wouldn't.  I don't think they get that much out of it to make it worth the effort.  They're trying to learn how to play with blocks without hitting each other and roll out clay and glue pom poms onto cardboard and sit ina circle for more than two minutes.  Personally I don't think it is worth the trouble.  For grammar school, however, I think it would be worth it.


I would absolutely go out of my way for a vegan preschool, and if it followed my christian beliegs this would be a bonus.  As it is I have decided to home school my preschooler and try to find some playgroups with our church for socialization.  If I could convince my current elementary school to at least consider healthier vegan options, ie:soy milk, more veggies, fruits this would be as bonus too-but for now I just pack lunches.


I am not having kids, but I would never put my kid in a school that followed ANY type of religion. Also, I would put my kids in a veg*n school if it were close enough. I wouldn't go out of my way to do it though.


I voted that i would go out of my way, but now that I think about it, my son went to daycares that were far from veg, and he actually learned a lot from the experience (being the only different eater). I think that being at a vegan day care might put him in an unrealistic bubble and make him ill prepared for the meat eaters of the real world!

We always pack his lunch, so even in elementary school it really hasn't been an issue.

Actually, quite the opposite of what you would think would happen has happened. Instead of Noah being singled out and made fun of....he actually accidentally made a girl cry for eating chicken. He was sitting next to her and she had a plate of fried chicken. He is certainly not used to seeing flesh on bones and he did not hide his disgust. According to him, he couldn't help it. He as making faces and plugging his nose and it made her cry. His teacher actually had to call home for this one. He felt really badly and said he didn't mean to make her feel badly, but that it just grossed him out so much!

I was reading some of the kids' writing on the walls, and a few had said they wished they were vegetarian and that animals wouldn't be killed anymore. I wonder where they got this idea? ^-^

We are not religious but are agnostic and athiest but noah actually went to a christian daycare! it was a really nice place and clean and close by, so we just chalked it up and not every place can be perfect. The non religious places required that you buy and eat their hot lunch, so I thought that was worse. It hasn't really affected Noah at all. We have never really talked about religion with him at all, and he actually came away from there saying that he doesn't believe in god.?? ???

Noah and I had a big talk about not making people feel bad about their food choices....he wouldn't want that to happen to him, know, do unto others!


As a mother of a 15 year old my choices have already come and gone.  If I had an preschool / daycare needing child now I would definitely go for a vegan and / or non religious place even if I have to go out of my way to do so.

Heck, I put Angel in a summer camp that was 20 miles (10 going, 10 returning) out of my way just because they had a slew of activities rather than just being a 'daycare'.  She went to that camp for 4 years until she outgrew them.


My experience has been that I pay a whole lot more attention to the food issue than my kids do.  They just want to have fun with the other kids.  Eating -- and what they eat -- is pretty low down on the agenda.

Also, if my kids went to an all-veg school, it would deprive other kids of the oportunity to interact with vegetarians and learn about what vegetarians eat and tolerance and respect for vegetarian diets.

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