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Need ideas-various ways to take powder supplement-13 yr old

Hi Everyone.

I'd appreciate your ideas. My 13 year old son is taking supplements per his doctor, several of which are powders. Some of them I'm able to put in his drink & he drinks it down fine.

I need help with new ideas because there's one supplement in particular which he can't take by drinking, as, well, it turns his drink into jello like consistency & therefore he can't drink that one.

What I've BEEN doing is to put it between a fruit flat & he takes it fine that way. Unfortunately, he's now on anti-fungals to get rid of yeast. I desperately need to get his fruits (like the fruit flats) DOWN. But yet it's my only way to get this one needed supplement down him.

I suggested he take it in applesauce (still a fruit, though, but I'd thought less concentrated than the raspberry flat?)

Any ideas you would have for me I'd really appreciate. It doesn't seem possible for me to get his fruits (as well as starches such as potatoes) DOWN, to go along with the diet. It LOOKs like I can only hope the anti-funtals by themselves do the trick, without the diet--is that a reasonable hope?

Anyway, any clever thoughts you may have I'd really welcome! He's also on a GF/CF diet so I can't use anything with those products in them.

Thanks so much


first off, i don't know what a fruit flat is.

secondly, if it's sorta gelatinous could you puree it up with some fruit and make a jello-type snack? 


Puree tofu and blend it with pudding then add the powder.  He may get a thicker pudding but still will get the supplement without too much fruit.  And if that is too thick then make the pudding with soy milk and then add the powder to firm it up.

To cut back on fruit simply have tons of cut veggies around to snack on.  Provide dips like hummus or baba ganoush to entice him.  For dinners offer a lot of veggies and no starch.  So make tempeh slices and offer green beans and cauliflower.  Or have tofu with broccoli and peas.  Make stir fry and just serve it over raw bean sprouts instead of rice.  Make the recipe here on vegweb for Lime & Cilantro Tofu Black Beans its fantastic.

Remove the convenience of fruit flats and apple sauce and replace it with fresh veggies.  Offer things like tofu bacon and tempeh strips to nibble on.  I am suggesting a lot of soy but that is only because he cant have seitan.  You should also make lots of meals with beans, lentils and whole grains like quinoa.

Good luck!


first off, i don't know what a fruit flat is.

secondly, if it's sorta gelatinous could you puree it up with some fruit and make a jello-type snack? 

A fruit flat is similar to a fruit roll-up, only purchased from Whole-Foods-made from fruit & fruit juice, rather than whatever is in fruit roll-ups.  So it's not gelatanous, but anyway, I'm trying to get away from fruit for a time, in order to get rid of the yeast in his system.  I don't want to sabotage the anti-fungals we're giving him, with a diet high in fruit & starch sugars.  It's tough, but I'm trying to figure it out.

Thanks for the tofu suggestions. 

If anyone else has more ideas to add, I'd be happy for those, too.


Out of curiosity, is  your son Autistic?  The GF/CF and antifungal thing made me wonder.

Both of my boys are, too.

Pudding deffinitely.  L will only take medicine in chocolate form.  Maybe icecream.

What about peanut butter?  I often slip things like flax into that because it has a strong taste

OR spaghetti sauce, you can portion his sauce out and mix in the powder and toss the pasta.

Let me know how it goes, Im curious we have a LOT of food issues in our house.


My son was never officially diagnosed as having autism.  She had said it was something to look out for/keep a watch regarding, in her report--she said she didn't have enough to go on to say he did or did not have it (socially mainly-as he was homeschooled.  He definitely does not have the full-blown type of autism. As his mother--I think he is in the high-end of the spectrum with Aspergers.  He has severe dyslexia.  We're seeing a doctor right now that treats kids with autism, but he also treats kids with related disorders, such as ADD, etc, as many times they have a bunch of related issues, such as immune system compromises, etc.  One of the many tests showed he had too much yeast, so we're trying to get rid of that.

It's making me more stressed to think of the things he shouldn't be eating, like potatoes & which are a staple.  I'm trying to figure out substitutes.  It's so hard.  I've already had to completely change his diet as he's allergic/sensitive to 42 foods.  I know I can't completely do the type of diet I need to during this anti-fungal process (it's just too impossible to do/he's already on so many restrictions!), but I'm trying to at least reduce it all I can.

I just read, though, that fruit IS ok.  As long as it's not out of a can, or something of that sort that has added sugar.  Fruit flats, which have been a super source for giving him some of his supplements, have some added sugar.  Since I recently read that regarding fruit, now I'm experimenting on myself to see which is palatable regarding this product, but haven't figured it out yet.  (He's not a fruit-lover).

Thanks for the ideas.


What is that child's blood type?

Has he been tested for heavy metals?


I'm pretty sure he's A positive.  Whatever test the doctor took--maybe it was a hair sample, but not sure if this was the one--it showed he's got a problem with arsenic & mercury.  At the next appointment his doctor is going to talk to us regarding possibly doing chelation--the pros & cons, etc, & whatever else--I don't know as we've not had that appointment yet.

I ordered capsules, so that will solve the powder supplement problem!  Hurray.  He's become good at taking capsules--I had to teach him as he has so many to take, some things he takes in his drink, but there's just too much to take the capsules apart & put them ALL in his drink (plus some of them are horrible tasting anyway.  So he learned to swallow them.  I didn't realize I could order empty capsules & put the supplement in it - that will solve my problem.


It just my observation but it seems you are doing everything you can do to deal with this.  Very nice job and keep up the good work.

Something important to note - Those of us with Type A blood (myself included) need to avoid nightshades.  I saw where you were looking to replace potato - very wise!

Being Type A myself and I've had over 4 years experience with the blood type diet, I would encourage you to get a copy of the book Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr. D'Adamo and make sure your son stays as compliant as possible.  Please do also keep in mind that it is very possible to be allergic to those things that are supposed to be good for us.  Strength test to be sure.


I don't know if this helps, but I take a powder supplement a couple times a day that my doctor told me to mix into applesauce to take.  I got sick of applesauce so much, so sometimes I take it with soy yogurt, or mix it into grits.

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