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okay, I am baffled!

My son is doing well on the vegan diet.  On the weekends when he is home with me he does great.  But low and behold, I take him to daycare problems start up.  I pack his lunch for daycare, but I let the them give him fruit.

Here is the issue.  He gets diarrhea and his poop stinks, and he is gassy.  It happened Monday, yesterday he was okay, and today it happened again.  ON the weekends his poop has no odor, no more then normal gas, and no diarrhea. 

I have told them teacher after tacher that he is lactose intollerant and can't have dairy, or meat, we are vegan.  It is on the board there that he is only allowed to have homefood, but daycare fruit is okay.  I have talked to teacher after teacher and they all swear up and down that he doesn't eat the other kids food, doesn't get ahold of their milk.  They have even started to put him in a high chair, yet he still has the problem. 

Monday was a completely different lunch then today that I packed for him, no similarities at all.  I really think his diarrhea is the result of something he ate.  It has "lactose intollerance" written all over it, every simptom, including congestion, which when he doesn't consume dairy, dissapears. 

After talking to them I am inclined to believe them, they seem completely sinsere with complying with my wishes and say that they are very careful that he doesn't get the other kids food.  It has me thinking that he is sensitive to something else.  The only thing that is common to his menu on Monday and today was oranges.  The daycare gives those canned mandarian oranges.  At first I thought food poisoning from the oranges, but the other kids haven't been affected. 

So, my question is, could the oranges be giving him the problems?  I rarely give him canned fruits, and when I do I only do the ones canned with pear juice.  The only thing I can think he is getting freely at daycare that he doesn't get at home is high fructose corn syrup with the canned fruits. 

At this point I am grasping at straws, I have no idea what is causing his problems.  I am thinking of saying, no food from daycare at all for a week to see if his problem clears up, and then let them give him fruit again and see if it returns. 

He used to consume dairy all the time and had very little issues with it, other then very stinky poop and cronic coughing and congestion, but never diarrhea.  So I doubt that even if he is getting dairy there, it can't be much, and certainly not enough to cause the problems he is having.  It has to be something else.  Could it be the oranges?

Any suggestions are appreciated as I am desperate to find the cause.  I really think it is something he is eating by the fact none of the other kids are having diarrhea problems, and it isn't everyday, only on certain days, seeming only on days they have canned mandarian oranges.  But has anybody ever heard of canned mandarian oranges giving diarrhea??? I sure haven't!

High fructose corn syrup is known to cause diarrhea in kids less than 1 year old.  Maybe his system still has trouble with it. 


I know when my daughter was having food allergy problems that it took foods awhile to get out of her system....thats why the doctor had me, (while breastfeeding, so really HER) go on an elimination diet....I had to eat lentil soup/rice and apples for around 3.5 weeks, SLOWLY introducing 1 food at a time, waiting 4 days and then introducuing another food...while I have kno idea if your son needs to have such a strict regimen, I know that I found out that it takes around 4 days for soemthing to
'clear' out of their systems, so if you are going to with-hold oranges to see if they are causing a problem, make sure to do so for awhile, not 'introduce' any new foods during that time, and if his diarrea clears up, and when you reintroduce oranges it comes can have a kind of cause/effect relationship to pinpoint oranges.....Also, if you think he has a sensitivity to probably know this, but dairy is hidden in many foods...making sure to read all labels carefully and looking for its hidden names like caesin, whey, etc....and make sure your daycare knows this/or you provide them with all their food.....At least for my daughter, even the slightest amount of dairy in a product I accidentily consumed would cause her to was a little trial and error for me at first...  (oh and I would be concerned about the diarrea, but the poop 'smelling' is probably fine, while I think my vegan child's smells 'less than' other kids, it still DOES smell)  A doctor can help you with an elimination diet if needed, and ours measured the amount of antibodies towards cetain foods in Kea's blood to get some kind of indication what she was allergic to.


THank you for your suggestions!

We found the cause.  One of the teachers there knew instantly what it was when she first heard of it because other kids have had it happen too.  It was the apple juice that they were giving him.  I didn't even know that they were giving him apple juice and I don't mind, but I had no idea that apple juice could give him diarrhea.  I think I have given him apple juice before and he didn't have a problem with it, but I think it is because when ever I buy juice for him I buy that stuff that is "100% juice" and no added sweeteners.  I am sure they serve the cheapest stuff they can get. 

Maybe it is the high fructose corn syrup, I have no idea, but they took him off the apple juice and now he is fine.  Go figure. 

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