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Potty Training!

A place for everyone to share your stories, tips, tricks, ideas, and questions about all aspects of potty training.

I plan on starting with Vincent soon.  Of course I have no experience with this.  :o I bought a potty chair and I plan on putting him on it maybe twice a day at first, until he actually does something in it.  Then when it seems like he's catching on I'll start putting him on every few hours.  I don't have any training pants for him yet...I was thinking to start with he can keep wearing his diapers (Mother-Ease one size cloth diapers) and I'll buy some training pants when he has a little more control over his bodily functions.  My biggest concern at this point is keeping him on the potty...I'm afraid he'll try to run away or at least stand up, and end up peeing all over the floor.  ::) And I'm not sure what's a reasonable amount of time to try and keep him there if nothing's happening.  5 minutes?  More?  Less?

He does seem to know when he's about to pee.  I don't think it fazes him when he's wearing a diaper but I've noticed at swimming lessons he gets a bit squirmy just before he pees (I have a reusable swim diaper for him which is pretty much like a doesn't absorb the pee).  He is 19 months old and not talking much yet (not in English anyway...he's very vocal in his own language).  I don't know if that makes a difference.  Anyway, tips and advice would be appreciated!

I think it is pretty early to start. Most kids are more ready around age 2.5-3. The earlier you start, the longer it takes, IMO. And really, they have to want to do it. Both of my boys were so reluctant until it was THEIR idea....especially Lyle. Once he made up his own mind about it, he never had an accident-not once!
Having the potty out and modeling for them is great....have his pot next to yours. I wouldn't push it. It seriously doesn't do any good!!
Lyle is fully trained, but sometimes wets at night. We have those thicker underwear, and I've been putting maxi pads (left over from pre-diva days) in there to help catch leaks!!! LOL!!!


My daughter is 21 months old and we also have a potty for her. We don't make her sit on it, but I do ask her if she wants to. If she does, I just let her sit on it for as long as she wants and let her get off of it at her leisure. She has started to tell us when she has to poo, so that's when we got her a potty, but she hasn't gone in it yet. We don't push her, when she's ready she's ready and like L2A said, you really can't force them to do it. There is a brain connection with potty-training, but there is also a physical feeling that kids have to have before they can really start potty-training. The best bet is to let them lead the way, but having the potty and letting them get used to it is a great place to start!


19 months sounds young to me, especially for a boy, but then my experiene is 17 yrs outdated.  My youngest did not seem to care at all until he was a bit over 3.  The thing to remember is unless there is a major medical condition, he will not be attending college in diapers.  ;)  no need to sweat it yet.


now that i think about it, Noah was pooped trained right around that age...but pee took WAY longer and when he lost interest we pushed too hard and it took even longer. I learned from my mistake back then, and promised I wouldn't do it to Lyle. Lyle was a TON easier when we just decided to let him take the lead and it was literally over night.
Getting poop trained is nice though...fewer diapers and grossness! Just don't push it!


I know it's early, I just thought it's worth a try.  He HATES getting his diaper changed so I thought I'd offer him an alternative. :) If he doesn't go for it I'll stop and try again later.  No big deal.


i would say if he seems to have an awareness to go for it.
I am personally pro elimination communication/diaper-free and I know I read about how they train older kids (like give them outside time without a diaper and then they start to re-associate the feeling of peeing with being wet and cuing them when you notice they do so)... I would recommend reading this if you are interested they have been taught by an older age that peeing and pooping in a diaper is what they are supposed to do so now you have to un-teach them.


I had a lot of trouble getting my son to poop on the potty.  He wasn't really 'trained' until about 4 yrs old during preschool.  I didn't have a problem with him peeing though.  His dad taught him that. 


Thanks hesp!  (I assume it's you and not Dustin, haha).

they have been taught by an older age that peeing and pooping in a diaper is what they are supposed to do so now you have to un-teach them.

This is kind of what I was thinking.  Obviously I haven't been doing EC/diaper free this whole time (although I think it's awesome for those who want to do it, and I know there are many cultures in the world where this is the norm), but I think if I introduce him to potty training early he might adapt to it better than if he was really set in his ways with using a diaper.  I've just been waiting for the weather to warm up so he won't freeze if I let him run around with no pants. :)

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