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Pregnancy Weight Gain

I'm posting this because I guess I just need some reassurance and whatnot.... Plus, I feel bad about myself. :-\

I feel like I've gained an excessive amount of weight and I'm only at 22 weeks.  I don't know how much of the weight is just plain old "winter" weight.  It has been so long since I've lived anywhere that gets cold in the winter that I haven't had seasonal weight gain in over 5 years.

Weight gain contributors:
- My OB said NO running (and I love running).
- Constant nausea the first 3 (or so) months sent me running to carbs!
- I am so cold here that I don't feel like leaving the house.

Someone make me feel better, give me some encouraging words, advice, special mommy insight.... something!!  Share your stories here!  Kthxbai.

Well, she pretty much started with giant boobs. ;)

bgs ~ I try to take weekly pictures.... just with my phone (so, they aren't super fancy), but it is better than nothing.  I'm also thinking of getting professional maternity photos done because EVERYONE I know has told me I will want them afterwards.

Oh yes, you should!!! Take some of those godessey ones, where you are draped in cloth and standing in a river or something, I felt to ridiculous to take those, but have seen some that are really cute, and you could pul em off with your bod :)


lol, didn't mean to include the "giant boob" quote in there, but it works!


Algae ~ What a bizarre video.  Minute 1:50 is representing me though! :) Thanks for posting it.

bgs ~ We'll see about pro pics. ;) I don't like bare belly shots though...


Oh yeah, I didn't think of that, it's you! Yay! I love the band Travis and the first time I saw this video I was like, ehhh, what? why? But I think it's a celebration of beautiful pregnant women! Maybe apart from the man at the end... that's just messed up. Anyway, I hope you're feeling healthy and happy!


I logged in just so I could respond to this!

I am 35 weeks and have gained 29 pounds, but my weight gain has been really sporadic.  For the first four months I didn't gain any weight, then in months 5, 6, and 7 I gained 8 pounds each time.  Since then, I've only gained 5 pounds. 

My baby is measuring a week or so ahead of schedule, and has been consistently throughout the entire pregnancy.  I know how you feel - I was absolutely freaking out at the 8 lbs per month gaining, but it seems to have slowed down now that we're in the homestretch.

Also, if you're planning to nurse, you'll burn like 500 calories/day after you have the baby.


Hi mdvegan!!  Thanks for logging in to respond since you're currently going through this as well.  I've seen what a hard time you've had since you were so sick in regards to keeping food down.  Reflecting on it, I'd rather have a little extra to lose versus going through extreme morning sickness.  I am planning to nurse, so I guess I'll see how that goes! :)

Are you so ready to be done being pregnant yet?  I am and I have 13 more weeks according to my EDD.


Congrats mdv!

LLG, I was so ready to be done with being pregnant from about 20 weeks onwards.  Vincent was born 3 weeks before his due date and while the birth didn't go so well, I was glad to get him out. :P An acquaintance of mine had her baby 3 weeks late.  I can't imagine waiting that long.  :o


Mine was 3 weeks late. I was fine physically, but emotionally it was really tough waiting. I took out all of the little newborn clothes and cried over them about 2 weeks past due.



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