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Prenatal vitamin recommendation

I am 2 weeks pregnant  :)>>> I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good prenatal vitamin

Congrats! ;)b
I used and still use for nursing:

deva vegan prenatal paired with veg life vegan call-mag citrate plus D

I got them both from my I think.

I take them at night...don't take in morning on an empty stomach. that was the only thing that made me sick during pregnancy!

ETA>>>hey, I lived in Punta Gorda for 10 years....right by Nokomis. I used to vacation there as a kid too (I stalked your profile). I've got a great friend in sarasota too!


LOL wow I have never met anyone else online who has lived in or near Nokomis.  I haven't been there in maybe 5yrs I am going back there in October for vacation I can't wait..  I actually had a waitress once whos name was Nokomis.  Well anyway thanks for responding i'm gonna look up those vitamins  :)


Congratulations!  That is exciting news. 

I used the same one for both my pregnancies, Materna by Centrum.  But i wasent a vegetarian at the time.  I do know that your iron levels tend to be lower when your pregnant, since the baby is taking alot from you, so you might want to check with your dr. if you'll need an additonal iron supplement, or maby they'll want to test your iron levels a bit more often.

Good luck with everything!


Aren't you 2 wks pregnant on the day you conceive and 4 wks pregnant at your first missed period? :P

As I understand it, the best prenatal is the one that doesn't upset your stomach!

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