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surprising foods that your LO loves

We've had so much fun feeding DD new fruits and veggies.  So far, she seems to like everything except for plain mashed potatoes.  She'll even eat steamed brussels sprouts and avocado slices (not together, though!)

What about you?

Vincent is 21 months and has been eating solid foods for a long time.  He's never met a fruit he didn't like, but he can be inconsistent with vegetables, liking something one day and spitting it out the next.  But overall he's not picky and eats a wide range of foods.

I guess the most surprising is that he likes spicy food...not as spicy as what DH and I eat, but spicier than what most people would feed young kids (most people are afraid to even use pepper on their kids' food ::)).  We were at a party a few weeks ago and someone was completely horrified when they saw me giving him a Thai sweet chili flavored chip, thinking I didn't know what flavor it was and he'd burn his mouth.  But he eats sweet chili sauce fairly often, so obviously the chip didn't faze him.  I also let him taste spicy Thai/Indian/Mexican dishes and he often comes back for more.  And he loves anything with curry powder on it. My theory is he got used to all these flavors because I ate them while I was pregnant and breastfeeding.


My son is still fairly new to solid foods, we did only fruits and veggies from 6-9 months and now that he's passed that mark we are starting on some gluten-free grains and proteins.  I think my list was fourteen veggies and twelve fruits before we started on grains/proteins.  The most surprising for me was that he loves beets.  Terrific, but what a mess!!


Vincent loves beets too.  I keep trying to come up with ways for him to eat them without turning everything around him purple, but the only way I can do it is by feeding it to him rather than let him feed himself.


My son is 3, and he LOVES loves loves tofu.  It is funny, I ask "what is your favorite thing to eat" and his reply is always tofu. 

He doesn't care too much for bananas, surprisingly, but he loves apples and blueberries.  OMG, blueberries.  He can eat a whole pint of them in one sitting if I let him. 

He also really likes steamed broccoli, he likes it if I play "trees" with him.  I pretend the broccoli is a tree, we cut it down and it goes to the timbermill (timbermill is his mouth).  I am not one for cutting down trees in reality, but broccoli is a far cry from real trees and he eats it, so why not?

He also loves carrots, and raw green beans.  But if I cook either one he won't touch it, but if it is raw he eats a ton.  I get a bag of green beans some times at the store and let him snack on them as we shop.  Works like a charm.


My son is gonna be 4 in November and he loves pumpkin, broccoli and tofu. I could give him those things all day long and he'd be a happy camper

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