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Tell me about your vegan pregnancy!

So, Im 9 weeks along with a suprise baby. Its our first one and I feel like I have no clue what I am doing. 


Ive beenkinda suprised that one of the first things anyone says to me upon hearin gf the wonderful news is "You're definitely going to need to start eating dairy/eggs/fish/meat/etc now!!!" My family and friends are usually so supportive of my vegan lifestyle. 


To make matters worse, Im having very very bad moring sickness and basically dont want to eat anything. My midwives are awesome but they keep saying I need protien ever 90 mins to two hours and suggesting things like string cheese. :-/ Ive been doing peanut butter everything and raw almonds for snacks. I just feel at a loss.


Please remind me that an entierly vegan pregnancy is possible. Tell me your stories. Im actually grossed out to the point of being able to vomit if I think of eating meat while being pregnant cus I picture my little bean beiang fabricated out of dead animal flesh. BLECH! Nasty. SO much for everyones prophesies about me craving hot dogs! All Ive craved so far is vegan ice cream, collard greens and red thai veggie curry!


PS, if you are friends with me on FB dont mention it there cus we have not told everyone yet. 

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