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Weening a Baby

Hey Everyone!
I'm planning on weening my 15 month old, and was wondering if any gals out there have any tips on this.  She has been eating solid foods for 6 months or so, but she doesn't want to give up the boobie.  Not that I mind, it makes me kinda sad that she's growing up so quickly!!  I have really enjoyed nursing her.  Anyway, she likes to eat solids, but has them more as a side dish, rather than a meal.  I'm wondering how I'm going to get her to go to sleep without her milkies.  I don't want to give her animal milk.  I would give her some almond milk, but I haven't found any since we've moved to Germany.  Do any of you have any suggestions on how to keep my boobs from getting soggy?  I'm not overly concerned about it, and my husband really doesn't care.  It would just be a bonus to have nonsoggy boobs.  How long does it take most people to dry up?

Hi tulipchick!
If you enjoy nursing and you daughter does too... why stop? In Germany (we live here, in Germany, too) it's common to see older babies nursing... not like in the US where it's very taboo. In the rest of the world the average weaning age is 4 years!
My son was 15 months when we stopped too though, he was just too big to hold! So I understand! :)
Unless you shop on the economy your choices are rice milk or soy milk. :)
By soggy do you mean saggy?


Hey Jen

Yeah, soggy, saggy, droopy, floppy.  :)  It would just be a bonus if they don't sag when I'm done.  Everyone says they will.  Just wondering if anyone knows what would help. 


I'd suggest a good bra (serious support ;)) and gradual weaning... if you try to cut out all feedings cold turkey you may be more prone to mastitis which will swell and then shrink your boobies at a rapid rate which could lead to sagging.  :D But they may sag some anyway... ;)
I think when you stop BFing they feel more saggy, if they are or aren't... becuz you are used to them being "full" you know?
Where do you live in Germany?


I had to wean my son when he was 14 months old because I was starting on a medication that was not studied in breastfeeding.  At that point he was down to, I think, 3 feeds a day - before each nap and before bedtime.   

If there is no hurry I would say to cut out a feed at a time maybe, say, a week at a time...  but we were kind of in a hurry.  So for 2-3 days I gave him a bottle before his morning nap, but nursed before afternoon nap and bedtime.  Then I cut out the afternoon feed.  Then, finally, the bed feed.  Sometimes I gave him water, sometimes I gave him milk in the bottle.  I just gave him the bottle and rocked a while and then put him in bed.  Eventually we just rocked before sleep, no bottle.  It went much easier than I expected it to.  I was actually kind of insulted that he didn't fuss more about it, LOL.

I had porn star boobs for maybe 3-4 days...  then for maybe a month more I had milk if I tried to express it but it wasn't a discomfort to me.

I don't think the degree to which you sag afterwards has anything to do with how fast or slow you wean.  I think it's just a fact of life that everything is subject to be re-arranged after pregnancy and nursing.  A good bra may ensure you don't have the sagging any worse than you need to, but it's not going to prevent it altogether.

"Gravity always wins."

Luck and genetics play a part, too.

FWIW my boobs look no different now than they did before I had my son...  but they weren't really anything to write home about before, either. 


Hey Jen-

We live around Stuttgart.  We just moved over here a couple of months ago.  I really like it.  Where do you guys live?


I nursed all mine for around about 2 yrs (think 12 yrs of pregnancy, nursing or both without a break).  Until they were 1, I insisted that they nurse, no matter what they were or were not eating otherwise.  It was a good insurance policy for their health, I felt and I believe I was right.  After they were a year, I didn't invite them or insist.  They were always in the morning, always at night and literally, on demand because if they wanted to, they had to do the asking during the day. I just stopped instigating nursing and it took a year before they got to where they stopped asking.

As for drying up...after 12 solid years of it, I think my youngest was 6 nearly 7 before I finally dried up.  It took 5 yrs.  Then again, when you use your body as a human cow for 12 straight years, it doesn't know how not to be that way, I suppose. 

For the record, I know what causes pregnancy and just because I have 6 doesn't mean I didn't know how to stop it happening.  If I didn't know, I'd have 12 not 6!  There are people who consider children a luxury, I considered them a necessity.


There are people who consider children a luxury, I considered them a necessity.

Anne of Green Gables fan?  That's a line in Anne of Ingleside...  :-)

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