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Age and Dating

Ok, sooo how does everyone feel about age and dating?  Are you ok with dating someone younger than you?  If so how much younger?  Are you ok with dating someone older than you?  If so, how much older?

I ask because I started dating someone younger than me, and I use to say "I will never date a guy younger than me!"  But I did and I am, and I think its working out great.

What do you guys say?

Maybe... I think life experiences dictate a lot about who (and how) a person is.  I've been supporting myself for so long that I still think it is weird to see college age kids living at home (even though I know it is totally normal).  Since that wasn't my life, I can't relate.

Next time; distract them with juice baths! ;)

Right, and it varies so much, too. I mean, I'm still pretty financially dependent on my parents but I've been dealing with my own rent, bills, grocery budget and so on and travelling alone since I was 19. I have friends who work who have their parents deal with everything for them - set up the internet, fix stuff around the house, call them every day. Hell, my ex-flatmate was 28 when we lived together and she had to move back home because she overspent and couldn't pay the rent. It's pretty crazy.

So to bring it back to the subject of the thread, dmarkd is seven years older than me and has been working for years, but I feel like we have really similar values surrounding money and practicality.


i was dating a barely 23 year old and i am about to turn 28. he reminded me of my 19 year old self and where i was at in life. so that turned out to be a no go. but he was fun to play with ;)


I think perfect age for dating is 24 for male and 20 for girl ...........Its my experience.


Hm, i've never dated anyone younger. I've been attracted to a 48 year old man before and i've never thought of age until my current boyfriend asked me what my age limit is on dating. I still don't know what age i would consider to be wrong. I think the age limit is 50. Both men and women. Though i have dated a women 4 months younger then me which wasn't that bad. But she didn't know what she wanted in life so safe to say it ended. My boyfriend right now is 22. So a 3 year difference which i think would be the youngest man i've ever dated.


I know this hasn't been discussed in months but I love older guys honestly. I don't feel comfortable dating someone younger.
The guy I care for right now is almost 10 years older than me and he is completely vegan. Raw vegan or whatever it's called.


I'm 32 and my s/o 25....strange for a woman to date a younger man at this age I think, but it works for us! And also weird to say is that he's actually quite mature for his age!


i always fall for the damn youngins! usually like 1-3 years younger (i'm 26)... maybe cause i look younger i attract them but they drive me nuts!


I usually hang out with people in my own age range, although I don’t really have any set limits on the age of people who I spend time with, except for basic lower limits.
Otherwise, I don’t think it matters much.


Until recently I always had relationships with men my age or slightly older - 3 years max. Recently though, I've been going for younger guys - I'm finding a lot of guys my age and older a little boring, to be honest. I went out with a 21-year-old for a couple of months (I'm 30). We completely misjudged each others' ages at the outset, and since things had already started by then I decided to see where it would go, though I felt pretty weird about the age gap for a few days after I found out. In the end, I just didn't fall in love with him - nothing to do with his age - but he's a great guy and I had a fantastic time with him :)

Now, I'm dating a 27-year-old, and it's very early days, but I'm having a blast and I really, really like him :)

So yeah, I'm in the 'age is just a number' camp.



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