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Boyfriend is Vegan sometimes

My boyfriend has been pretty much vegan with me since i've become vegan. Sometimes he'll randomly eat bacon or other super gross things like that. It sounds odd, but I wish he never attempted  to be vegan because it really felt like a tease now that he goes back and forth. I give him so much credit for mostly being vegan, but I cannot understand or respect the fact that we go out to breakfast with his friends and he gets bacon, eggs and pancakes. I feel like maybe he does this in front of his friends because he's embarrassed or something its so odd!
I guess my biggest worry is that it really bothers me when he does this and I can't quite figure out why? I feel like i've been fooled or something!

why is ur boyfriend vegan in the first place? is it for animal rights reasons mainly or health? i know my boy doesn't give a shit about animal rights but he cares about his health... you guys should watch this video together (about 1 hour 30 min)

it really beats into your head how bad animal food is for your body, the environment, and animals rights (only a very small part)...all i can say is boys r weird and their is no explaining their bizarre behavior lol... but is he eating this way for himself or for u? i dunno


Did you ask him why?
A little communication does wonders.


I think I'd take what I could get.  Especially if this is a new transition... it might just take him a while to completely commit.


I guess I am in a similar situation as ilovedisneyland:  my boyfriend is vegan around me, but eats fish, cheese, modified milk ingredients in social settings, when I am not around, if it's available (i.e. work parties), etc.  He doesn't label himself as anything because he doesn't want one and because he eats so many random things!  I only cook vegan and he loves that, but if he orders himself a cheese pizza, I really don't mind.

The reason why I don't mind is because I truly believe that making the decision to become vegan has to be PERSONAL.  You have to want it.  You have to believe in it.  You have to be happy about your choice.  You have to be open to living the lifestyle.

I have "converted" many people to adopt vegan lifestyle qualities over the years just through educating them on my reasons for becoming vegan.  I applaud every step towards a vegan diet that they make!  I don't expect everyone around me to jump into veganism.  I want them to discover it "fits" them all on their own.

I guess your boyfriend (and mine) just don't "see" it yet.  If you try to convince him that strict veganism is the ONLY way, and if he listens to you, then he might be making a choice that he is not 100% committed to, potentially leaving him unhappy.

You should chat with him about your reasons for choosing veganism.  Maybe he'll surprise you and declare "you're right" and you two can live happy vegan lives together.  ...but if he doesn't change his ways, maybe it just wasn't meant to be.   

eta:  I meant maybe VEGANISM wasn't meant to be... NOT your relationship!  :P


I totally don't want to push him into feeling like he has to be vegan at all he completely made the decision to try to he even talks about himself being one to others and me. I've called him out tell him that he's not really a vegan, but labels aren't a huge deal I just feel like he has a double standard about it. He  is doing it for all reasons, environment, animals, and health, and he talks about it often pretty passionately. I feel like he thinks I'm being pushy when I ask why he randomly eats meat, so I try to stay away from making comments. It's just a bit confusing that one day hes super into it and compassionate and the next he's making rude vegan jokes and eating bacon!  I suppose I'll just take what I can get and keep doing it for myself because thats all I can do!


Sounds to me like maybe he's trying to hard to fit into two different crowds and he isn't really sure what he wants.  Don't push and I'm sure he'll eventually figure out where is right for him.

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