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Fear of scarcity of vegan males

Hi. In my 40's and currently unhappy with my current 4.5 year relationship (lost all attraction and romantic interest sadly).  Here is the thing...even though in the past I've never had trouble getting a vegan male I like (last three relationships were with vegan males), I am nervous now.  I am nervous now that I am 46 and if my chances are too slim.

I don't want to be run on fear but the facts are the facts. There are way more vegan females than males.  And as you get older there are less single men available in general.  Others have told me that for me, I need to be with a vegan male, because I've been veg for 30 years!  I am not dogmatic about it it's just so core to who I am.  I cannot be with someone who doesn't understand animal suffering.

I know this is no reason to stay in a relationship with someone I am not in love with anymore.  But it's a fear I have. 

Also, does anyone else notice the chronically single folks in the vegan community? I do.  In my age group there are a lot of them...always always single.  *shivers*   Nothing wrong with them as people and friends but it makes you wonder...why so many chronically single vegan women and men?



It sounds like you want to change something.  Either restore the love/romance with your current relationship or be single.  Sometimes being alone is better than being with the wrong person.

But, if love/romance is the only thing wrong, sometimes it's worth putting some extra effort into fixing it.

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