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Feel like speaking out against the animal cruelty violence in PR? (NVR)

Then sign this petition!   

And, in case you somehow missed the story (closeyoureyestosee posted a BBC version - thread is here, it's been widely circulated via the AP newswire, internationally.  Animal abuse is a serious problem in Puerto Rico; this horrible and disgusting story might just have gained the attention needed to demand some changes be implemented.

Thanks for looking and considering!

I signed it and just wanted to say that its totally vegan related!  at least i think so.  *shrug*


Hmm, I think you could be right.  I suppose I tend to think of anything not related to a recipe that's posted in the recipe q&a as "nvr" - I didn't really think it through.  :o

Thank you for signing, though!  :)

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