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Love stories

So, I'm pretty sure its the final end for me and my first love of 2 1/2 on-off years.  He's finally found another person to love, as opposed to just random flings with people.  I'm doing surprisingly well.  I'm living my life and trying to accomplish things that were slowed down for me.  Just sometimes it gets tough not to think about it.

I wanted to hear wonderful stories about how people found themselves 'getting over' or living their life after a love, doesn't have to be first love but some first love stories would be nice.
I hear so many people say how they still love their first loves and never really get over that.
I know I'm young and that after time it'll fade.  I hope I will find someone who will surpass that love later in life.
So stories are soooo welcome!!
Give me inspiration.

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