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My boyfriend mocking my choice to be a vegetarian

My boyfriend is a carnivore. I've never dated a vegetarian guy, I've never even met a vegetarian guy. My boyfriend is usually very accepting about my choice to be a vegetarian and never has too much to say about it. I don't try to force this lifestyle on him, and he doesn't try to force the carnivore lifestyle on me. However, about two weeks ago my parents had a cook out. The whole family came and they grilled hamburgers and hotdogs but my mom forgot to get me some Morning Star Farms veggie burgers so she sent us to Walmart to get them. On the way back my boyfriend brought up the fact that God put animals on this planet for people to eat. I was completely shocked. Living in the Bible Belt, this same sentence has of course been said to me a million times and naturally I have developed plenty of rebuttles about the topic. No where in the Bible does God say animals were put on the earth to be eaten, animals are useful in other ways than just as food and without them the world would not be as balanced as it is today, God created animals before he created man, and lastly, God did not tell people they could eat animals until after the story about Adam and Eve being kicked out of the garden of Eden. Although I know all of this is true, it still hurt a lot coming from him to challenge my choices that way.. 

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