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NVR - Relationship question

This is really random, but I thought I'd post this question and see y'alls thoughts . . .

I'm 31 yo, have only dated men and have been single for the past 3 years, with a few unsuccessful dating attempts over the past 2 years (for more details see the Online Dating Catastrophe thread).  Physical attraction isn't the most important quality to me, since I'd much rather have an amazing conversation than a great roll in the hay.  That being said, I've always been able to appreciate a beautiful woman as well as a handsome man. 

As I've gotten older, I've started questioning what I want in terms of a relationship.  I'm not looking for a husband or the proverbial big house with 2.5 kids.  I'd rather have a partner with whom to share my life.  If they like me enough (and I don't grow tired of them), maybe we can grow old together.  I caught myself saying the other day "I hope I meet someone one day . . . ." instead of "the man of my dreams . . . ." 

I wonder if maybe the person I meet one day could be a woman.  Although I've never been a lesbian (minus one drunk experience in college that doesn't count), I'm certainly not opposed to having a woman as my partner.  I've had two different female acuaintances who, also in their 30s, fell in love with a woman after having been straight all their lives.  In both cases, the women met due through work. 

So, my question is purely philosophical at this point, as I haven't met anyone that strikes my fancy, but I'm just curious . . . . what are you thoughts?  Has anyone actually dealt with this or been in this situation?  Hopefully not TMI, but how does sex work in a case like this?  I mean, I'd need a manual to help me figure out what to do with a woman - "hold on honey, let me turn to page 46 to figure out what to do next". 

Just in case you're wondering - yes, I do tend to overthink things  :D

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