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Omni boyfriend...

Hi, I'm new to this board, although I've been reading it for awhile.  I was wondering if anyone had advice for what to do with my omnivorous boyfriend.  He's always been VERY supportive of me and my veganism, and has expressed some interest in trying it out himself.  The only problem is, he keeps making excuses why not to... he works 30 hrs/week and has a full class schedule, so he claims he has no time to eat vegan (I have the same conditions...), he says he doesn't know what to look for (even though I do and am more than willing to help him), and furthermore he says he doesn't have the willpower, since he's grown up eating meat and dairy at every single meal and craves it too much.  He'll eat anything I cook for him, it's just he doesn't know what to do for himself.  Do you guys have any suggestions as to how I can motivate, encourage, and teach him?  I'm not sure if he will make the full switch, at least not all at once, but any change would be progress :)

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