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To Admin: Re: Gluten-free options

Hi admins.    Would it be possible to create "gluten-free" section added into the recipe category options to make searching for vegan, gluten-free options easy for those who cannot eat gluten (10% of population so far and growing)?  The only way to search for GF rigt now is to type the term into the search box and it is a bit of a hassle since you have to jump around from one category to another and back to the search feature again to see each recipe that way.  It would be nice to just be able to go into one category and click on the options/recipes that way!  Thank you for the consideration!  :)

Completely unrelated, but - HI!!!

(There's supposed to be a vw revamp in the coming months - it's been coming "soon" for a year, so who knows - but I'm hoping for more nimble searches in the new version.)


Yes, HH is right! New features coming very soon! (We mean it this time -- hehe)


Hi Humboldt Honey!!    :>      :)>>>


And awesome, thank you, Laura!!  Can't wait!!  :)

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