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Choosing Vegan

I've been a vegitarian for over two years, and have decided not to become a full on vegan, but to choose vegan options when available. I don't live on my own since I'm only fourteen and my mother won't allow mne to be a vegan, but I plan to start choosing vegan options as often as possible until I make my full move to vagan when I turn eighteen and move out.

I think its great that you are choosing to not eat animals at 14.  It's sad to hear that your mother won't allow you to be vegan tho.  Have you tried explaining with materials showing her how much better it is for a person to not eat helpless animals? My son decided to become vegetarian at 10 and now eats more like a vegan since me and his father are vegan and thats all I cook and buy.  I do commend you are your choice but maybe you could try talking with her and she might come around to see your choices in what you eat as a good thing. Or at the very least a "phase" like my parents did to me when I decided to stop eating meat at your age. Keep trying, don't give up. Parents sometimes just don't understand, especially when they think its ok to slaughter animals.

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