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Forum Rules

Forum Rules

1) Do NOT Flame or Troll: Flaming, flamebaiting, and trolling are NOT allowed. Flaming is the act of directly insulting another member, flame-baiting is making a comment with the intention of getting a flame as a response, and trolling is the act of making posts with no purpose other than to annoy people. If you disagree with another member's facts, focus on the fact not the person who posted it. Stick to discussion of the issues.

2) Do not post or link to racist, sexist, homophobic or pornographic material.

3) If any member has issue with another member's post, notify the Administrators by using the "Report to administration" link in the post. The Administrators will then view the post in question and decide if further action is necessary.

4) When disciplinary action of any kind is taken, there may be a warning or a notice of revocation of privileges. However, immediate banning or suspension without warning is possible should the Administrators deem it necessary. The Administrators reserve the right to ban anyone for any reason, and to delete any post for any reason.

5) YOUR FREEDOM TO LEAVE---All members are here voluntarily. Nobody is forcing you to post on this message board. The administrators try their best to be fair and to make a welcoming place. If you don't like the admins, or the members of, or the way is run, then we strongly suggest that you exercise your right to leave.

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