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How can I move my recipes?

I haven't contributed a ton of recipes over the years but the few I did were in the kid-friendly category.  But they are not in kid-friendly anymore and they don't seem to be anywhere.  When I search for them I can find them, but only if I use the search function.  If I just try finding them through the drop down menus they aren't anywhere--no subcategory.  So I feel they are in recipe purgatory.

How can I move them to kid-friendly world?

Try contacting one of the mods, such as Humboldt. She might know where they are.


For Kids' Favorite Banana Muffins, I left it in the muffin category and also added it to the Misc. Kid-Friendly Recipes category.  What other recipes do you want to also show in the kids section?


Thank you HH.


You're welcome!  :-)

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