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How can I see all the recent reviews?

On of my favorite aspects of the old site was a list of seven or so of the most recent recipe reviews on the home page.  It would prompt me to try recipes I would never have picked out on my own.  Does this feature still exist, and if so, where is it?  I have been clicking around and can't seem to find a list of recent reviews.




Just to be clear, since it seems everyone is baffled--those recipes that appear under "newest" and "most popular" on the right hand side--i am not sure what they are. They are not necessarily the newest or most popular recipe reviews.

I only realized this because I reviewed a recipe recently and my review didn't show up anywhere (it shows up as a comment with the recipe but it never appeared anywhere as a recently reviewed recipe). 

So I am wondering how I can see the most recently reviewed recipes. 



jkl! we are putting them on the front page in the next two weeks, they're coming!


why are the ingredients listed in paragraph format instead of by line for each ingredient?  I know I will miss buying something I need b/c it isn't in list format..




I agree with outside.  Why are the ingredients and cooking instructions in paragraph form?  I don't remember them being listed like that.  It's very confusing.  Is there a way to put them back into list format?




It is back.

Except it is a ltitle different. If you click on "latest recipe reviews" it brings up the entire recipe and all the reviews. If you click "view all" it brings you to the page with all the recipe categories.

So is there anyway to see a list of just the latest reviewsor reviewed recipes?


It doesn't seem like it's back to me, it's a shame I also really liked that feature. The most recent reviews have been the same for at least a week they used to change as people posted new reviews.

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