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Recipe Box Organizing

Hey I'm not sure if I can't figure it out or it is no longer a feature? Are we able to catagorize our recipe boxes anymore? It was much easier for me to click on "Indian" if that's what I am craving and pick out a recipe from my favorites. From what I can tell they are all lumped together now. Can we still do this?

I am wondering about this too. I see that the tags have been added to each recipe, but there is no way to search by those tags so they are basically useless. I also don't see a way to remove recipes that I no longer want in my recipe box.


woah, i came back to this site after a year and all my folders are gone. is there way to break things into folders again? its just a mess now


I'm new to this site and I also tried to figure out the Recipe Box feature. Any help would be much appreciated.

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