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Superstar VegWebber of the Week: laurenlovesgoodies!

This week's SSVW'er is laurenlovesgoodies! Not only does she have one of my favorite names on VegWeb (in my next life, I'll come back as "laurAlovesgoodies"!) but she's a blast in the forums and her dog, Bella, just MIGHT be the cutest thing I've ever laid eyes on:;u=80598. More pictures please! Let laurenlovesgoodies know how awesome she is below and enjoy her questionnaire!!

VegWebber since?
December 2006 (I'm on my second profile though!).

Vegetarian, Vegan or ??
Vegan at home and a mere vegetarian in the world.

Where do you call home?
South Beach, FL.... I've lived here long enough and move around a lot.  Ask me in another year and I'll tell you someplace different, I'm sure.

What do you do when you're not on VegWeb?
Play with Bella (She really does take up a lot of my time)!  I also bake, read and run... not necessarily in that order. 

Do you have blog or website?
Just a Facebook... I started to blog once and realized I was kind of whiny and only focused on the negative things in my life.  And really; Who wants to read that kind of crap?!

Do you tweet?
Mainly when I eat too much processed food... like veggie patties.  DH can always tell if I've been to Subway. 

One unique thing should know about you?
Not really unique, but I am a complete freaking klutz!  Like, I fall UP stairs and have scars just about everywhere.

What’s the best thing about being vegan? (if you are!)
I'm not vegan, but I'd say the best thing about my journey is learning new things and being inspired by the people on this site.  I'm not so sure that I would have been successful in going from omni to veggie if I hadn't of stumbled across this part of the interweb!

Favorite romantic recipe on VegWeb?
I'm not really 'romantic' per se... but serve ANYTHING in a nightie and it's sure to get interesting... just sayin'!

Favorite recipe on VegWeb to make for non-vegans to show them how amazing vegan food can be? AND
I up the amount of jalapeno though!

One thing you wish you could make vegan but haven’t succeeded at yet?
There isn't anything I miss that much from my omni days... 

#1 Cooking secret/tip?
Just go with it... I cook by smell and alter recipes all the time.  And never apologize for your food!  If people don't like it, they can make their own.

Best music to cook by?
311 or Pepper.

Three people you'd most like to have dinner with?
My Papa during the prime of his life so I could have asked him loads of things I want to know now. I could bitch-slap him.  I don't really know who the third person would be....

All time favorite restaurant?
509 Southard Street, Key West, FL 33040-6835

French fries or ice cream?
Ice cream!!  Hands down, any day of the week.

Soy milk, rice milk, almond?
Almond milk.... plain and unsweetened.

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