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Superstar VegWebber of the Week: mdvegan!

Our Superstar VegWebber of the week is mdvegan (;u=62273)! Not only is she a charming and hilarious regular on the VegWeb boards, she's also the creator of my new favorite tempeh recipe! What are the odds? I'm going through a tempeh phase and mdvegan comes up with Brazillian Tempeh and Chickpea Stew(!? That recipe is a stroke of genius and I wish I could rate it 5 stars a million times! Thanks to mdvegan for all of her amazingness, and especially that freaking recipe!

VegWebber since? 2006

Vegetarian, Vegan or ? vegan

Where do you call home? Maryland, although I hope to move back to the Pacific Coast again someday.

What do you do when you're not on VegWeb? wrangle my newborn baby, remove my cats from curtain rods, bathtubs, and counter tops

Do you have blog or website? no

Do you tweet? no

One unique thing should know about you? I have 'accidentally' converted five people to veg*nism by sharing good food.  Really, feeding works so much better than preaching!

What’s the best thing about being vegan? (if you are!) The food.  I love how veg*ns tend to be more open to trying food from other cultures. 

Favorite romantic recipe on VegWeb?, sans fake cheese, plus white wine

Favorite recipe on VegWeb to make for non-vegans to show them how amazing vegan food can be? I can't pick just one - there are so many incredible recipes!  It depends upon the audience.

Favorite healthy recipe on VegWeb?

Favorite VegWeb recipe for Easter?, adding lots of spring veggies and serving over spinach fettuccine

One thing you wish you could make vegan but haven’t succeeded at yet? There are a few French sauces that start with veal demi-glace that still allude me. 

#1 Cooking secret/tip? Trust your gut - if you are reading a recipe and something seems 'off' - an amount, a spice combination, a cooking temperature - use your common sense. 

Best music to cook by? Tool

Three people you'd most like to have dinner with? I'd rather have a big party with all of my favorite vegwebbers.

All time favorite restaurant? Wow, that's a tough one!  I'm torn between Millennium and Golden Era, with Amitabul a close second.

French fries or ice cream? French fries, with Old Bay and malt vinegar

Soy milk, rice milk, almond milk? Unsweetened Almond Breeze

Tofu, tempeh, or seitan? I use tofu most often, but I love the texture of tempeh.

congrats.....very long overdue!!!


Yay!!  Congrats!!


Man, I need to keep better track of these! superstar long ago.






Yay mdvegan! And agreed, long overdue! Lubimiller - if you have suggestions for Superstar Vegwebbers, I'm always excited to hear them! Hit me up!


I love mdvegan's tempeh stew, too!! YUMMMMMMMMY!!! Congrats!


Congratulations mdvegan, great job ;)b


congrats.....very long overdue!!!

Who's next? Me?! LOL


I missed this last week!
Congrats on having your awesomeness recognised, mdv! : )

Who's next? Me?! LOL

Base for superstar of the internet!! 

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