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Is there something wrong with my recipe?


I submitted this recipe about a week ago, and it took this long to be "approved" and then it wasn't even listed as a new recipe or put into the "raw" catagory

If you don't think the recipe is appropriate for VegWeb, I don't mind deleting it, but I would like some feed back to why it is being brushed off.




It looks like it is posted now.

Most recipe moderation (last I knew) was managed by volunteers. When I helped out, I usually focused on recipes that were easy to get posted, especially when lots of recipes come in. Following the recipe tips helps the moderators out:

When I moderated recipes, ones that needed more work to get them "ready to post" were always at the end of my list. Then again, I did most of my editing when the system was getting switched around and we were clearing out poorly written recipes (vauge instructions, no ingrediant amounts listed, etc).

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