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Weekly Giveaway: Big Skinny Wallet! {Winner is Tamsen!}

This year, I'm taking my first real vacation in eons. As luck would have it, I'm headed to Greece for a friend's wedding, and of course, to eat all the hummus humanly possible. When traveling, I know it's best to pack light, and if there's one thing I have trouble with, it's packing light. My idea of consolidation is taking one steamer truck instead of two. Seriously, I like at least five outfit options per day, and about 15 bags of toiletries. Who knows when you'll have to scale a mountain and attend a black tie gala on the same day? Stranger things have happened! However, on this trip, I've got limited cabin space and an even smaller purse. You know what's saving my butt? the Big Skinny wallet. I can fit more things in a smaller space and as you can tell, that's important to me. Since I unfortunately can't take you to Greece with me, I'd at least like to get you one of these awesome wallets.

For a chance to win one, let me know what your favorite Mediterranean dish is. Giveaway ends Tuesday, June 28 at midnight, winner will be selected randomly, must live in USA to win.

Good luck!

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