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Weekly Giveaway: Chocolate Acai Berry Bites from Sjaaks! Winner is lubimiller!

This week's newsletter is all about delicious, fresh, healthy berries! And um, some of the delicious, fresh and not-exactly-the-super-healthiest-but-still-pretty-healthy-but-most-importantly-extremely-delicious things you can do with them!

It seems totally appropriate that our weekly giveaway would be a tub (yes, A TUB) of Chocolate Acai Berry Bites from Sjaaks! Berries and chocolate are the ultimate dream team and when the berries are anti-oxidant packed acai and the chocolate is vegan, fair-trade, and organic well, you'll be in vegan foodie heaven. You HAVE to check out Sjaak's website to see all of the amazing confections they have:

For a chance to win, let us know what your favorite favorite way to eat berries is for a chance to win!

The winner is lubimiller! Yay lubi! Everyone else, you can go to the Sjaak's website to get some delicious berry bites for yourself! And don't forget to enter next week's contest which will be announced in Wednesday's newsletter! Yay!

Yay Lubi!!!!


Yay, lubes!!!  :-*


btw - CONGRATS!!!


I'm excited!!!  can't wait to try them



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