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Weekly Giveaway: A pound of Allison's Gourmet fudge! _algae_ is the winner!

Allison's Gourmet recently launched what might be the world's sleekest, beautiful, adorable website. Check it out:! I don't know how you combine those things but they did it. The new site is the perfect showcase for what is the best candy I've ever eaten. I had to bold that so that you know I'm serious. I actively engage in exaggeration on a daily basis (mainly because I get easily excited by awesome things and have to tell everyone), but this really is the best candy I've ever had. The fudge melts in your mouth; it's rich, creamy, and amazing. If a woman could marry fudge in California, I'd probably be the first in line.

I want you all to know the glory of Allison's Gourmet, so we're giving away an entire pound of it to one lucky VegWebber!

All you have to do is let me know what your favorite vegan candy is. Easy, right? Or for me, a little more difficult because I have a million.

Giveaway ends on Tuesday, December 8th at midnight, PST! Winner will be chosen at random!

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