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Weekly Giveaway: Trio of Delicious Vegan Food! Alistars11 is the winner!

Now that you're craving potatoes, what are you gonna serve with them? I know, it's not right, but if you just eat potatoes, you're gonna get scurvy, and I won't be responsible for that. Here's my ideal dinner: I start off with Harmony Valley Hummus Mix and some fresh pita, follow it up with a scrumptious Caesar salad tossed with Organicville Vegan Caesar dressing. For my main course, I like to enjoy potatoes with more potatoes, and then finish the feast with a few Sunfood Organic Raw Cacao Nibs. It's heaven, trust me.

For your chance to win the hummus mix, dressing, and nibs, let me know what your favorite potato dish is! Giveaway ends on Tuesday, May 24th (MY BIRTHDAY!!!) at midnight, PST! Winner will be chosen at random! Must live in USA to win.

Good luck!

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Hi, My favorite potato dish is hard to find.  I too love potatoes, and will eat them any way I can get them.  Since I am a soup person, Potato soup wins.  There are so many ways to make it,  and they are all good. 


I like stuffing a hollowed-out baked potato with mashed potatoes.


latke's (with onions) or roasted and sprinkled with balsamic or baked with chives and a little olive oil or potato salad ( I use my homemade bean mayo)... I think the list is endless


Alistars11 is the winer! Congrats!!



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